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About a Girl

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Despite the fact that the new Fox series, The Orville, is a comedic parody of Star Trek, it's third episode was about gender and had some pretty serious undertones in my opinion.  It took me by surprise, and raised some fairly strong emotions.  The episode covered everything from perceived bigotry, ignorance, tradition, judgement, revelation, understanding, acceptance..  you name it.  In the episode, it's also learned that one of the couple (parents of the baby involved) had been born a different sex than he is now presenting as.  In the end, the couple only wanted the best for their child.

If you are a Star Trek fan, perhaps you're already watching "The Orville," and therefore probably know that gender has been an occasional topic in the real Star Trek series.  If not, check out the episode clips, "About a Girl," especially the 2nd, 3rd and 5th clips.   The episode will re-run in some areas on 23 September - check your local listings.

NOTE:  This episode really got to me - maybe the moon was in the wrong place or something, I dunno, but to be safe, I am warning of possible trigger content

caution.jpg  Some content may not be suitable for all viewers

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