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how to do voice cont.

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i admit i did not see the whole segment, but once caught the tuckercarlson(?) person on fox(?) or whatever make a fallacious argument about how language cant become gender neutral, that it had been tried before. and then the news anchor like laughed about it or something in closing.
i am for gender neutral speech, in like business, in public, at the moneyist check-out register, at least. why does it sound like army general or something? doesnt it go back to slavery?  i dont have a lot of work experience, but i dont have respect for those kinds of customs.  it actually makes me angry when people hold the door open for me usually.  i can open it myself, dont make it a bigger deal then it needs to be, it just makes me feel embarrassed.

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Tucker Carlson is well known for idiotic statements. See http://www.azquotes.com/author/2482-Tucker_Carlson 

Now, I disagree on people holding the door for me. Gosh, I wish everyone would simply be kind to each other, regardless of gender. I appreciate when people hold the door for me, or allow me to get in line in front of them, or help me pick up something I've dropped. I appreciate these kind acts regardless of gender and I would probably be one that holds the door open for you. I do it for men also. I can't recall an awkward situation. It is usually an opportunity to exchange smiles and perhaps a short verbal exchange. 

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