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good small scissors?

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what are some good suggestions on scissors, the small ones, for facial hair? also i try not to buy from death penalty states, and also now nuclear weapon ones. so, i have had these pretty good ones for a while, but since it has been a while i wonder if they have worn down, i cant tell for sure.  but shaving is not working again for me recently, so i dont mind taking the time to use scissors if i have to. also is there a good way to sharpen them maybe?

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Well no matter where or who you buy from the world is full of humans and few could care less about the next human standing next to them. Opinions on political ideologies are just as stink filled as porta potties, 


As far as sharpening your scissors, take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it three to four times making sure your blades have two inches of extra length to fully cut thru, so depending on your blade length a sheet of aluminum foil folded so you can cut strips off from one edge to the other ( i do 1/2 strips ) they should be really sharp depending on how dull they were by the time you have made the last strip of aluminum foil.


Hope it helps and spend that fiat currency it was made out of thin air and has no intrinsic value. 


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Dear Entityfree,

May I ask, are you asking about scissors for removing nose hair or eyebrow hair?

There may be alternatives to scissors for grooming hair in these places.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Your friend,


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