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Members -

Lately, we've begun experiencing an up-tick in a few issues:

1.  Threads are being started in forums that do not fall within the intent of the particular forum.  It appears that where some threads were created was because it just happened to be the first forum the poster clikked on.   Please take a moment to read the description of the forum in which you are about to create a new thread.

2.  Threads are being driven off-topic.  While any discussion can drift and wander some, the initial topic is usually brought back to center stage - that's not been the case lately.  When a topic is taken too far off-track, it destroys the original intent of the thread, and often the OP is completely forgotten as many people have a tendancy to read only the last post in a thread, thus continuing with the runaway topic.  Please try to keep threads on topic.

Ref: Our Rules and Guidelines, 1. Forum Rules, a.

3.  We are also suddenly experiencing the bumping of threads.  Please do not bump threads - if members are interested, they will read and/or post to the thread, or clik a "like" button.  Bumping a thread will not make people more interested in it.  Bumping also usurps the position of legitimately new threads and posts.

Ref:  Our Rules and Guidelines, 1. Forum Rules, s.    (Bumping is generally unacceptable on most boards.)

Following these simple rules makes participation easier for everyone.


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