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Underworks Binders for Transmen

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Binders -

Underworks has a variety of binders, [compression] vests and shirts. Shirts are most likely suitable only for smaller guys. The #997 binder seems to be the most popular among larger guys. Two other models, #983 and #988 are becoming popular among transmen. Underworks also has a compression swimsuit.

International shipping is available, and according to Hudson's Guide...Underworks is FTM friendly. I have also recently heard that Underworks discovered that most of the model #997's were actually being used by transmen, and they have since, from what I understand, actually developed a binder with transmen in mind. I have not tried this binder (or even looked for it), as the #997 has served me very well.

Underworks' Live Support Hours:


1.800.242.4224 (US & Canada)

011.305.668.5151 (International)

Fax: 205.668.1770

Email: info@underworks.com

Underworks is located in Miami, Florida

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My Dear Friend,

Looked thoroughly at the www.underworks.com website (I am a GG with a bad back) and was impressed with what they offered but found their sizes rather on the small side. Their bras seem to be well made and very supportive. Their back supports also seem to be well-made. Was impressed with their more than fair prices!

Yours truly,


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Yes... Underworks has a variety of undergarments for both men and women for a variety of uses and issues.

Perhaps if you call or write to them... they might be able to help you with sizes.

I hope you can find relief for your back. :)


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