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Wow, been a while.

By Char,

Manifesto of Chara Jo

The world sees me a man, I am not!

My brains sees me a woman, it is fooled!

Truth both visible and invisible, I am both, and I am neither!

I am the third gender, I travel apart.

TGirlAmber distributes a Dating Guide called, "T-Girl Dating Guide."

It is a very nice read.

In the chapter:

"How should you address me and other T-Girls" starting on page 9, she provided a very complete glossary of terms. In reading this section, I learned a few things about myself that I did not even know.

In fact, I am going to get my yellow highlighter out and mark up the glossary for everything that applies to me. That way on those "blue days" when I begin to hate myself, I can re-read it and remind myself that I am special in ways that most of this world's souls cannot begin to understand.

So a big thank-you and Hug goes out to Amber for the convienient reality check.

Hi girls,

I use to have a fabulous wardrobe. Then on several stange days, I threw them out Now I am collecting outfits again. Maybe I just love shopping for clothes... I don't know. Maybe I love the feelings of danger while shopping for outfits while in DRAB.

I had a lot of confidence shopping today at yet another Goodwill Store. It was full of women and a few men doing their own shopping. I guess if you shop with confidence, who is going to challenge you?

I have back-up plan if I ever do get challenged by someone, especially if I run into someone i know. My storyline would be that I have a part time reseller business on ebay and womens clothes are always an easy sell. I could even be daring and talke about a big Cross Dresser Clientel --- followed by a little knowing wink and a smile.

In fact I am pondering on making a few sales on ebay anyway. Especially for items that dont fit well or items that need a new home. I was even thinking of getting some business cards made with the TRANSGENDERED graphic on it and my Manifesto printed on the back.

Peace my Friends, Charla Jo tongue.gif

I was out shopping today and got a few nice items. In fact, I am wearing my new necklace and skirt right now. biggrin.gif

Anyway, a couple of GG's walked by as I was pulling out of the parking lot and I found myself checking them out. I had the realization that I was looking not at them, but their clothes. The one had great fashion taste. Soon I was mentally taking her footwear off and putting on her a nice set of sexy strapy heal boots. I wondered for a few moments.... I such a girl in my thoughts.... I wonder what kind of thoughts a real guy has?

Peace my friends, Charla Jo

When I awake

By Char,

Each day when i first wake up I am at peace with myself. I haven't yet been bombarded with the days' pressures... such as my health issues, worries about my weight, job issues and pressures, etc. I smile and think about how I am going to express my feminine side today. Am i going to share some part of it with the world or am i going to keep it all to myself yet again. Well, today was a me day. I even ignored my ringing phone. I did some online shopping and bought more that i should have... some nice and pretty things for yet another "me" day. Hopefully, the next time i think about tossing away all my pretty "me" things, I will first sleep on it and awake once more at peace with myself.

Peace & hugs my friends, Charla Jo

LOL, I had to look up in the dictionary how to spell OCCASIONAL. I've been living in the past lately, so I posted some photos to my gallery. They were taken back in 1999 when I almost accepted my real self. I even had the help of a special GG back then... she did my face and took the pictures for me.