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    I am still a little bit unsure how I process today. A slow relaxed morning meant that I missed the parade but Today I did my makeup and then got help from my niece to do my eyebrows and eyeliner - pro tip: she used some eye shadow rather than eye liner or an eyebrow pencil, it gave the same effect but did not look so harsh when on and came off so much easier just now! Then my sister helped me glue my nails on - they were both jealous of my nails, but they matched my hair perfectly - they were just a bit on the long side so all day I had to adjust to barely being able to use my phone or do simple things like my buttons when I went to the loo. I was wearing some comfy trainers (I had bought blister plasters on the way home last night) my jeans and my butterfly tee, my nice was also in jeans and a bright blue tee because she was wearing a rainbow bright my little pony wig, I could not believe that a pastel blue and pink wig could look subtle but compared to hers I positively blended in. We caught the bus into town, when we got on there was my sister in normal clothes, my niece and I with our wigs, but as we got closer to our stop more and more people got on wearing rainbow flags or all dressed up so that we were soon just a part of the entourage heading to the pride village. The village was free of charge to get in but required a previously booked ticket which got you into the site where there was a music stage, an info tent, a dance tent, along with lots of info stalls and snack vans. I had not eaten breakfast due to nerves but needed to eat something so that was our first port of call. It was a great atmosphere, the weather pretty much drizzled rain the entire time, but in Scotland that does not put off festival goers, and this had the feel of a festival so I relaxed very quickly. The fact that there were drag queens, gay and lesbian couples, people dressed as goths, lolitas, with rainbow angel wings, a wizard in a bathrobe - I did not even come close to standing out. We wandered around and listened to music and then my niece took my sister back into the city centre to catch her bus home. I was left on my own for around an hour and a half during which time I went and spoke to a stall called trans space and a woman called Emma from Glasgow who was looking for support to fix some of the more ridiculous legislation in Scotland and protect Trans people using public facilities, I duly signed as Dee but admitted that it was my first time out and about and we spoke for a good 20 minutes about the questioning process and trying to find out where we fit- she made me feel much more confident in myself though because although she had transitioned 14 years ago her voice was a lot deeper sounding than mine. I also made friends with the ladies running the coffee van and was enlightening them about good places to visit in my area. They spoke to me as a normal human being and it was only a comment after them asking if I lived in the area that I outed myself by saying it was just a nice chance to get to be me. I am under no illusions - my voice patterns may be pretty feminine but I still frequently talk from the chest and have that low rumble echo when I finish sentences or have to speak loudly- especially when I am compared to my sister or niece. But as this weekend was an experiment I had already decided that I had done enough practising and prep. Around 6pm my friends told me that they were on the bus into town so we left the village and went back to my nieces, she had already said that she would be wearing jeans and a nice top, so while I was a little bit disappointed, that went away when we went into the local Asda and bought a nice blue dressy top and a pink cardigan to go with my jeans and hair, I then changed into some black leather calf boots that had wide but definite heels on and we caught the bus back into the city centre - I kept my trans wig on. My male friend won an official bet between them that I would be wearing a wig, but they both gave me a hug and then we caught up over a couple of drinks - I deliberately did not order a single pint all night, I just ordered whatever drink I fancied. In 6 hrs the only people who openly clocked me were bar staff, and they always smiled, and I am pretty sure that one young lassie complimented me after she had given me my order, but it was hard to hear over the drag act at the other end of the bar where the woman were doing all of the whooping and cat calling as their boyfriends were made to feel uncomfortable with the over endowed leotard and fishnet wearing drag queens. We walked to another official pride party venue and the music was rubbish - the only reason it gets a mention is because by the time we got there I was busting to pee and just walked into the ladies without thinking, it was packed but by now I had used the facilities a few times over the day and a smile and a thank you for a door held open was as much interaction as I did. My female married friend noted her disgust that I was happily walking along with them in heels when she cannot wear any herself, but it was good natured and she also envied my nails! During the evening there was a lot of misgendering with "he"and my male name getting used, but each time I would remind them that for tonight I was Dee and to use she/her so I could get a read on how it feels to be gendered that way in real life - oddly my male friend picked it up quickest, but it really only took a couple of hrs and some deliberate she/her repetition for the ladies to refer to me as Dee too. By 11pm we then went into a club that exclusively played 80's music, and its little sister annex reached through the main area that exclusively played 90's music. The music was loud and I felt my age but I got to tick another thing off my wish list, we danced until just after 1am. My feet are killing me but my niece and I walked back to her flat and after removing my nails, eyelashes and makeup we enjoyed a late night pizza - although I still do not have an appetite - I drank enough to be sociable but also ordered a mocktail at one point and so I did not have to worry that I would revert to "laddish" drunk behaviour or even worse trip and fall in my heels. It is half two in the morning and when I wake up I have to drive back up the road and be dad again and I do not know how to feel about it. I frequently forgot that I was actually wearing makeup and a wig and then would sometimes catch my reflection in a shop window and remember, my niece, my sister and my friends went out of their way to look after me and make sure that I was feeling okay, escorting me to the loos when I needed to go and letting me sit in corner seats so I did not have to sit next to strangers and it was nice to know that I was allowed to be vulnerable. My friends said that other than seeing me in different clothes it felt just like any other night out we had been on - there was just more girly chat. Not one person did a double take, or pointed or nudged their friends or looked at me funny - I was literally just another girl on the night out - at one point I thought I had been clocked when a hen party came up to us and started pointing at a list but then her friend pointed to a number and they went to my male friend instead for a signature, so either they had thought I was male from a distance or they had gotten the numbering wrong, but either way I was not male for whatever dare the bride to be was doing. I cannot thank my friends and family enough - the fact that it felt completely normal, but I was freer tells me I definitely need to keep looking forwards, the fact that my male friend made a point of letting me know that he was with me regardless, but did ask some questions was really nice - I get one more sleep in Dees pj's and then back to work next week. I am physically and emotionally wiped out - but in a really good way I will put some pics up once I can focus/edit them xx
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    On Friday, as soon as my son leaves for school I can pack my car, make the 2.5 hr drive to my sisters, and then the next 2-3 hr drive down to my nieces. If I can then I intend to be Dee when I get in the car, or if not then pretty much from the moment we arrive at my nieces I will unpack and change. This was suggested ages ago when my niece first found out I was questioning my gender. She did not really understand it, but she very much wanted to show her support. We have always had a good relationship, so it was a nice gesture. So I checked to see if she was genuinely serious and then agreed as it was a local Pride event and there would be plenty of events on guaranteeing a bit more anonymity and less pressure if I do not pass. At the time I figured I had months to get used to the idea of going outside as Dee, and that I would be more confident and then life happened lol. I have been outside once, in the woods, when they were deserted. I ordered a wig off Amazon that has the trans flag colours starting at light blue and going down to pink, along with a couple of flag pin badges. I've bought a beautiful leather bracelet watch that I can wear instead of my cheapy sports watch and my utility handbag. This afternoon I literally went through my entire femme wardrobe, which is tiny and apart from a few items consists entirely of the hand me downs from my sister. I literally pulled everything out and tried it on - my goal to lose weight obviously did not go to plan and so I wanted to see what I could and couldn't wear. Oh to not have a tummy! Some of the tees looked incredibly frumpy and were instantly discarded, a pair of slightly flared white jeans looked really good but were too tight to be practical and so I whittled it down to a red skirt and white top, or my dark jeans and butterfly tee or my dark jeans and black and blue asymmetrical top. Simply for a casual Friday night and for wandering around stalls in the village area on the Saturday. I only have 2 dresses to choose between for Sat night though, a gorgeous little black velvet flared dress which may be a bit OTT for going pubbing and clubbing or a simpler but slightly more modest blue and black fit and flare dress which does not look as good in person as it looked online. If I decide against them we may have to go shopping for something cheap and cheerful to wear to go dancing in. I have a nice set of black heels that are modest, a pair of black boots and a pair of comfy trainers that will both go with the jeans and a light (bright pink) rain jacket I picked up in a charity shop in a last minute panic. Apart from the fun wig I have my two favourite blonde wigs, a set of nails and eye lashes and all the makeup I own in a little case. Oh and I have an old PAYG phone that I have charged and checked so I can still take selfies and not worry that FB will be popping them up on my timeline for everyone I know to see. Oh and because I have done two 5k's the last couple of weekends I have taken leggings and a ladies running top just in case I end up doing that with my sister on Saturday morning, because even if I do it will be as Dee. I am taking far too much, I know this, but I cannot decide what I want to wear and it will also depend on what my niece intends to wear. On the Saturday day she is wearing a rainbow wig, black leggings and a bright pink tutu - just because she can. She is on the larger side, and has some self confidence issues so our intention is to support each other and have a blast doing it. I cannot see my bed at the moment because I now have to start the process of fitting it all into the suitcase so it is packed away and ready to go in the car. I am a bundle of nerves but absolutely buzzing with nervous energy. 😳😳 I have deliberately let my chest hair grow back thick enough that I can use a depilatory cream on it tonight and so once I de-fuzz tomorrow I am good to go! I have literally packed a case to go away every week for the last three weeks, but they were all full of man clothes and so much easier to to pack light for. Anyone got any useful last minute advice?
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    Not to worry Mike; still like you and know you'd like me if we ever met. My preference is simply that government reduce their role in our every day lives. I think when legislation and policies are set to "solve a problem", (whether by Republican or Democrat) there are always un-intended consequences which need to be addressed, and all parties should communicate to work together to address them, not vilify each other. I don't believe Trump wakes up every morning thinking "what can I do to hurt trans today". On the other hand there has never been a president in my lifetime who I would put my trust in to not hurt me. The trans population is not necessarily growing nor diminishing but the number of transgenders out in the open is definitely growing in geometric proportions. With that trend, we should embrace, engage and try to educate those with differing viewpoints, with the understanding we ultimately all want the same thing in life.
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    “I think people with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome that brings them extra talent,” says Daniel Vais, the creative director of London’s Drag Syndrome, which he says is the only drag troupe for drag kings and queens with Down syndrome.
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    I agree that it is fun to just get out there. Sounds like you have a good family and friends. I also agree that the wigs can be a pain in the butt. It just takes time to find the right one though. I’m so happy for you to have the opportunity to explore Dee. I truly love just being myself with my friends. It is just natural. I tend to giggle more. 😘
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    Hi Dee, I'm amazed that I'm joining this conversation so late! I loved reading about your wonderful time at Trans Pride. Your photos look fantastic! Good for you, very good. I don't mean to push you in any direction but I'll say that your experience with going out and about as a woman parallels mine. It was like I was finally out just being myself and it was so enjoyable, like a weight had been removed from my back and my mind. What and when will you go out again? Best wishes, Emma
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    Technically speaking there's more than 2 parties to choose from. But the main two are Democrats and Republicans. There's Independent, Libertarian, Reform, and several others. But due to their views most of the time, I highly doubt anyone will ever be elected from any of them. Typically we don't even see anyone from any of them even running for office.
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    Aww, thank you Monica! 🤭 I have learnt a great deal about myself this weekend, the only thing that felt unnatural was my wig which was starting to be a pain by the end of the day - everything else just felt right, not odd, not play acting, not forced - so the way I currently feel I know I want to continue exploring being Dee, but I am still paranoid about posting my face online for anyone to see. You had asked to see the wig though so I wanted to share. As much as they were a pain I loved the nails and was so glad I bought them! (they came from a UK equivalent of a dollar store) :) x
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    First transgender republican that we know of. So many live in stealth and blend into the mainstream pretty well.
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    Quick pic of my wig and nails from my day and night out as Dee. x
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    It’s funny that you responded that way. That’s a great homework assignment. I had a laser/electrolysis appointment on Tuesday which shifted my view. I’m have become close with her and we talk about our lives together. Almost like therapy really. Anyway, she saw how much pain I was in both mentally and physically. I threw my back out on my wedding anniversary by picking up a towel off the floor and was practically paralyzed for days. Still hurts. She gave me a leopard skin jasper stone from her own pocket and said “this will help you”. I didn’t think much of it at the time except that it was such a lovely gift. Well, since then all kinds of great things started happening. As soon as I got to my car another friend sent me a text with a link to Kathryn Alice’s book and release exercise. I ended up listening to her all day on YouTube as I drove around for work. It helped me tremendously and I guess I kind of released my wife without realizing it. Although a true release is still needed. I have been very content with life and very focused on the things that are truly important. No stress really. Clear mind. Everything will be ok. Excitement for the future. Self esteem is way up there in my heart. My wife’s craziness doesn’t bother me as much. Fears of not having a place in this world are pretty much gone. Amazing! I ended up listening to Don Miguel by chance and he was talking about the narrators in our own heads. Preconceived ideas that throw us off track. The exercise there is to stop and think again. To be aware of the thinking patterns that we fall into. This is exactly what your therapist recommended to you. It takes some practice but I can tell you this. It has changed my life and gotten me back on track. I’m better in almost every aspect of my life for it. Kids, work and dealing with the wife. It’s remarkable really and I can only describe it in this way. “It’s like I have an invisible shield around my emotional state of mind “. Stability of thought and emotional state of mind. Nothing has put a dent in it. I’m grounded to the planet. Remarkable. Does that stone have anything to do with this? I don’t know but it can’t hurt so I keep it with me. In one day I did a flip flop from lost in the world to connected with it in a profound way. I hope you find this peace as well. 😘
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    Take me with you??? LOL. Wish I could! My advice? Keep a huge smile on your face and let everyone feel how good you feel.
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    My advice... drive carefully and have fun!!!
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    Yeah, I keep at it, trying to just be myself and let my freak flag fly. That’s what we used to say back in the day about our long hair. It felt cool to stand up against the Establishment. Funny that at my ripe age that it’s more important for me to assimilate. The main problem, my therapist advised this morning, is that I get too wrapped up in my thinking patterns, which have been my go-to patterns for ~60 years. The key is to recognize the thinking and then focus attention elsewhere, on almost anything, to break the pattern even momentarily. That’s my assignment for this week, give it a try. Aye aye, Cap’n! Will do.
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    Emma I am glad you brought this topic up and had the courage to share it with us. "judgement that I put on myself". I have struggled with this over and over again. Just when I think I have made it past the struggle and my confidence is beaming life throws a rock at my head. (Usually by my wife by the way). I start to doubt my very existence and my place in this world. Throw in 2 teenage boys that I love and cant be honest with yet and well.....more confusion ensues. Painfully. So, I want to just retreat from the world and go back to living in my castle alone with me & me. Reaching out only when I want too. And I do just that. Then as time goes by I fight my way back regaining strength, belief and confidence in myself. Scratching and clawing my way to sanity. Over the past 2 months I have been hanging out with my friends that have been supporting my struggles and I am blessed to have them in my life. I probably wouldn't have made it without their constant loving attention towards me. They are all lesbians with one trans women. This is a whole new world for me to learn and I enjoy this new experience for the most part. BUT....Only my transgender friends (2) truly accept me fully. Unconditionally. The others are nice and pleasant towards me and we have fun but there is an underlying feeling I get from the others. I'm not truly part of their group or tribe. It makes me feel like a square peg being pushed into a round hole by the shear force of nature its self. I don't like it at all and given enough time (which always happens) I want to just leave and retreat to the sanctuary of my home. Sometimes they are at my home and I am forced to just observe them throwing in my 2 cents when ever I can. Its like I am peering into a world that I'm not really apart of. Add the sexual activity they are having and I am lost. Some girls have shown an interest with me but I'm married and to be honest I'm super nervous because this is all new territory for me. This is all happening in my head as life revolves around me. I know the solution is to engage with them more and tell them how & what I am feeling but I am limited by other aspects of my life. Its not really that I want or expect anyone to accept me as female or even trans female. I just struggle with the questions in my head. "Can I just be me? Can I just live? Why do I feel the need to fit in? Can this incredibly unique human being live a happy life that has meaning?" Will I be fully embraced as a lesbian woman? No, because I'm not. I am Transgender. I am a Unicorn in the enchanted forest of life or the White Stag that is rarely seen but usually chased. That is my place in this world and mother nature has been trying to show that to me for my entire life. I had an experience the other day that I will post about later that literally slapped me in the leg and started the process of staying out of my shell. So, I am letting go of trying to fit in because that is like putting a cow costume on the unicorn. It just doesn't fit and its unnecessary in my opinion. I am Me. Finally Free. 😘
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    Hi Emma, you brought up a subject that weighed me down for so many, many years until I finally reconciled during a long process (almost life-long) of self examination. I can only relate to myself as we are all different and similar, but still quite unique in our own right. That is just it, I am unique, I don't think of myself as a woman, but never ever thought of myself truly as a man...for sure. I am transgender, which is quite a remarkable thing, and I am happy beyond any belief I could have ever expected.. I truly believe I have the best of both genders, now, and not everybody can say that. Have always wanted to be some beautiful, shapely, feminine girl with long flowing hair, but that's never gonna happen, no matter how much surgery I get. But....nobody on this planet is better than Emma, just as nobody on the planet is better than Jessica, either, and that holds true for all of us! I may never be able to get GRS, much less FFS, but you know what? I'm gonna make damn sure that other people see me as I feel, not as I look, and I'm proud of it. Jess🙋‍♀️
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    Truly understandable, Jess. Sometimes it's hard to avoid some discussion about Trump when he keeps doing things to hurt us, or the TGLB community as a whole. That said, the amount of discussion on that individual is but a drop in the bucket compared to all the other discussions here. The topic was brought here as it could potentially affect trans people ... couples where one or both are transgender and perhaps want to use a surrogate for a child. Since the article was not directly related to all things trans is why it was placed in the Not Necessarily the [Trans] News forum. I hope you will consider just avoiding this forum rather than leave the board all together. There are so many other areas of the TG Guide board that do address, for the most part, all things trans. -Mike
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    Emma, in the end I just made the most of the time without stressing about it. Family relations can be tough at the best of times, but this is one of those days where it adds an extra blob of trans awkwardness (for me) on top.. 💛
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    Hey Dee, It does hurt to be forgotten or an after-thought, and as we are trans it hurts all the more because we may take some responsibility for our own pain. The thing is that it’s wrong on so many levels when we are forgotten. I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day. For me, I have two sons, 35 and 31 years old. The 35 year old didn't even send an email. The 31 year old phoned to wish me a nice day and then proceeded to try to manipulate me into giving him money. Both of their behaviors are unrelated to my being trans or having transitioned, and both still call me Dad and that's fine with me. It's tough being a parent... and trans... Emma
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    "In the mountainous rainforest of Honduras, a survivalist with an unusual past is paired with a hard-headed police detective to try and survive 21 days, but predatory jaguars, swarms of fire ants and a debilitating injury threaten their challenge." I'm not sure where this synopsis came from, but it was the one on zap2it.com. I used to watch N&A regularly when the series first started, but over time my interest drifted in other directions. I decided to watch this episode in hopes that one contestant being trans didn't undermine the intent of the challenge, and that it didn't take on an undertone of sensationalism. Quince's partner seemed to be taken aback upon finding out he was trans, but she quickly recovered. After the initial meeting, it seemed his trans status did not affect her or even matter as they started out on the beginning of their challenge. And in fact Teresa took the lead early on, deciding where to set up camp and going after a snake for their first possible meal, this despite the fact she apparently had no wilderness/survival experience, and Quince did. Roles reversed though when the wild took Teresa down for a while with a gastro-intestinal issue. Then, the hard-core, self-proclaimed "bad-ass cop" was eventually reduced to tears because she wasn't coping well with the cold and rain that moved in at nite. To this point, the episode seemed to be like any other, including narration. For those who missed the episode and want to catch it in re-run, I'll stop here so as not to ruin how their challenge progressed beyong the first few days.
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    Now, that's good! And we think we have problems?? L0L I have to tell you, that made MY day!
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    Thanks Jess. I found a meme I could get behind, so I am just going to enjoy the time with my kids and not worry about it. x
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    Dee, Happy Father's Day.🙋‍♀️
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    The Movie , The Spidermites of Jesus just finished playing a film Festival in San Francisco ! Here is what Ms Diane Kelly had to say about the picture ! Hi Ellen! I wanted you to know that I made it to see "Spider Mites of Jesus, the Dirtwoman Documentary" last night in SF! I had gotten a ticket a few weeks ago, and was not sure I was going to be here. But - I was and I did go. I thought at first it was at the Castro Theater but realized as I drove to the Castro that the Roxie was on 16th Street off of Mission and managed to get there and parked in time. Anyway, it was great!!!! I am glad I got the opportunity to go and see it. The Producer/Director was there along with "Mad Dog".... The theater was very small and held only 100 people. I think about 50 people were there from my head count. I got a chance to see YOU in the movie. That was fun! I particularly thought you were right on, that Donnie must have been a very lonely person. He truly was a character though and seemed to enjoy what he did in his life, however and with everything he went through it didn't seem to slow him down. He definitely had an unusual life. I also enjoyed that the film showed as much of Richmond as it did. My 'limited view' of Richmond, VA was much broadened by the film. I am glad I had the opportunity to go see it. I soooooo wanna smother this BEAUTIFUL woman with hugs an kisses !!!!!!
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    Definitely a breath of fresh air. It's great to see Israel taking charge and treating the LGBTQ+ community like people instead of cockroaches. Now if only we could get that kind of treatment here....
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    Hi Emma, There's no such thing as late online - unless this gets archived! I know I will go out again, what I have been trying to do this week is decide on the what/when/where. Picking up where I left off with the kids in my male get up has been fairly simple - no big fanfares. Like putting on an old comfortable pair of shoes - well worn in and exactly as expected. I don't know if I expected to react more or if it is just being flat after having such a packed and emotional weekend. On reflection there were 3 stand out highlights over the two days: The first was going out for dinner on the Friday night, when at separate times my sister jumped thinking a strange woman had stood in her personal space at the traffic lights and then watching my niece walking past our dining table because she just did not "see" me at the table. The second was chatting to the coffee ladies and talking about holidays after being left on my own for a while in the Pride village. I was waiting on my latte, and it was just a fun upbeat conversation, and they made normal eye contact and I never once saw the cogs turning, or the sleight hesitation I had seen the day before in some of the waiting staff, though my assumption is that they knew I was trans, especially when I mentioned just being myself while I was there. The third was hearing that my friends had an excellent night out, that after an hour or so of it feeling a bit weird, that they just relaxed and had a great night because they realised I was still the same me and not acting differently.
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    I just discovered a friend of mine on Facebook got a shot of my son , Israel , me being ME and a shot of Richmond Times Dispatch and WTVR Am reporter , Mister Mark Holmberg at the premiere of the Spidermites of Jesus at it's Richmond Virginia showing . I swear , this shot is KLASSIC Ellen and I'm holding it out to frame ! Hey , DON'T FORGET this movie plays the San Francisco Film festival in June , a ONE SHOW event !!!!!!
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    Thanks BlackAngel, that makes far more sense! 😶 Far more similar to over here when it is almost a given that it has to be a conservative or labour UK government even though there are other parties, we just don't get to hear about them.
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    "My being transgender, my being LGBTQ, yeah it's an important part of me, it's how important liberties and freedoms are, particularly in this country." As an outsider I truly don't understand why there are only ever two parties to be able to choose from and whether or not letting her win helps him in any way (not that I think the UK setup is any better), but she does surely have a much tougher job ahead of her being in the same party as the president currently revoking her civil rights. Good to see positive campaigning though. 😁
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    Enjoy your time. It is so wonderful your family is so in line with you. Have a fabulous time Dee Dee
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    I just posted about the Solace App on our Facebook page. As I understand, the app is still in development and they have launched a fundraiser. https://www.krem.com/article/features/spokane-woman-helps-develop-first-of-its-kind-app-for-transgender-community/293-2cea704b-b0ff-4176-a92d-2ef611973c58?fbclid=IwAR1GMunxBr_IBAwyGqNAjh_lRf4tHaEJC43nimFIOE9LmkTAUmheo95otSs
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    Another important topic; thanks Lori. Check out https://s-a-moore.com , Sarah Moore, an active Police Detective transitioned while on the job, now works in the domestic violence investigations with a Police department in New England. I had the pleasure of meeting her at First Event in February and then again in Keystone late March. She also travels to other departments around the country to train and educate other police officers about transgenders. Was able to chat with her at length as my son is in law enforcement, I know many, many police officers and found we had a lot in common besides just being transgender. She also gave an excellent workshop at Keystone detailing what to do and what not to do when dealing with law enforcement. The point is she is trying to make a difference by getting out there and having some positive results at it. She is just one person positively affecting the views of most everyone that she encounters.
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    I dislike the topic myself. In a nut shell....I neither hate or fear anyone. Except myself sometimes.... I like Monica, I will not be discussing politics anymore. 😘 It's nice to be back ☺️
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    Even if there was a private service/viewing for the unaccepting people, the disrespect still exists, and the deceased is coldly robbed of the last shred of decency and respect. It's sorta like the unaccepting people have the final word which cannot be challenged or appealed because...well, the person is deceased. And chances are, if the unaccepting people have the authority to have that first service to begin with, that would be the only service, and so the person would go to the grave as the unaccepting people demand. I think as you and others have indicated, prior plans must be made and left in the hands of someone trusted who can ensure those plans are carried out.
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    That's amazing. Like she said, Harvard is extremely selective and anyone who gets in is either very well connected, or has a leprechaun in their pocket. She's taking the world by storm, and leading the way for younger boys and girls to recognize that they don't have to be afraid of who they are. YOU GO GIRL!!!
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    Added The Trevor Project (thank you!) and cleaned up the listing.
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    ACLU Report: Transgender People and the Law National Center for Transgender Equality Transgender Law and Policy Institute Transgender Rights Virginia Human Rights Commission The Trevor Project Health Care: Know Your Rights Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy NYC LGBT Center's Gender Identity Project Sylvia Rivera Law Project TNET – PFLAG's Transgender Network Transcending Boundaries Transgender Day of Remembrance Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund TransJustice Trans Youth Family Allies Lambda Legal Equality California National Center for Lesbian Rights (Transgender Law) Gender.org Gender Centre (Australia) Campus Pride Basic Rights Oregon Trans Oregonians' Rights TransParentcy GLAD Transgender Rights Project Transgender Student Rights (California) Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition Criminal Law Manual for the Transgender Community Employment Law for the Transgender Community Immigration Law for the Transgender Community Housing Law for the Transgender Community Please reply to post any transgender rights or political activism links you may be aware of.
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