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    Emma, in the end I just made the most of the time without stressing about it. Family relations can be tough at the best of times, but this is one of those days where it adds an extra blob of trans awkwardness (for me) on top.. 💛
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    Hey Dee, It does hurt to be forgotten or an after-thought, and as we are trans it hurts all the more because we may take some responsibility for our own pain. The thing is that it’s wrong on so many levels when we are forgotten. I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day. For me, I have two sons, 35 and 31 years old. The 35 year old didn't even send an email. The 31 year old phoned to wish me a nice day and then proceeded to try to manipulate me into giving him money. Both of their behaviors are unrelated to my being trans or having transitioned, and both still call me Dad and that's fine with me. It's tough being a parent... and trans... Emma
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    "In the mountainous rainforest of Honduras, a survivalist with an unusual past is paired with a hard-headed police detective to try and survive 21 days, but predatory jaguars, swarms of fire ants and a debilitating injury threaten their challenge." I'm not sure where this synopsis came from, but it was the one on zap2it.com. I used to watch N&A regularly when the series first started, but over time my interest drifted in other directions. I decided to watch this episode in hopes that one contestant being trans didn't undermine the intent of the challenge, and that it didn't take on an undertone of sensationalism. Quince's partner seemed to be taken aback upon finding out he was trans, but she quickly recovered. After the initial meeting, it seemed his trans status did not affect her or even matter as they started out on the beginning of their challenge. And in fact Teresa took the lead early on, deciding where to set up camp and going after a snake for their first possible meal, this despite the fact she apparently had no wilderness/survival experience, and Quince did. Roles reversed though when the wild took Teresa down for a while with a gastro-intestinal issue. Then, the hard-core, self-proclaimed "bad-ass cop" was eventually reduced to tears because she wasn't coping well with the cold and rain that moved in at nite. To this point, the episode seemed to be like any other, including narration. For those who missed the episode and want to catch it in re-run, I'll stop here so as not to ruin how their challenge progressed beyong the first few days.
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    Monica . even an old renegade like myself is on Faceless book . Course i joined it to advertise my being an exhibit designer .
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    Now, that's good! And we think we have problems?? L0L I have to tell you, that made MY day!
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    Thanks Jess. I found a meme I could get behind, so I am just going to enjoy the time with my kids and not worry about it. x
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    Dee, Happy Father's Day.🙋‍♀️
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    Tomorrow will be fathers day. Given the mess of my marriage it is safe to say that my experiences of fathers day have been sporadic at best, the odd wee card or slice of toast brought to the bedroom. Always an after thought or last minute purchase. Once or twice a decent bottle of whisky, but overall meh - usually we had to go and share with my exes dad, until he fell out of favour. This year we swapped the weekends around so that the kids could be with me for Fathers day - it meant my ex could go off to a music festival so it wasn't completely altruistic on her part, but I think I got the better deal. She left a £10 in an envelope with a card my daughter made at her after school club with a note saying time had run out and she hadn't had time for her to buy anything. My son never got a mention and she had them the last 2 weekends. For comparison on Mothers day I made sure the kids had bought a card and some butter fudge which is one of her favourite sweets and then bought and cooked a 2 course meal at her house with the kids for her. It is not about the stuff (genuinely couldn't care less) but every so often I am reminded of just how far down the priority list I am unless she needs something and it still stings.. So I bought a Terrys Chocolate Orange and some nice ingredients and we are going to have a big Roast Dinner tomorrow complete with GF yorkies and gravy, and then we are going to go for a family walk along one of the local beaches with the dog that I seem to get almost every time my daughter comes because my ex struggles to ditch all 3 dogs when she goes off on her weekends. I have been struggling with what to think about Fathers Day. It seems a bit daft celebrating it when I am effectively waiting for my October appointment (which got pushed back a week to the 2nd week in October by sms this week- yay! 💩) you know, considering I do not now and nor have I ever felt like a good father. I have been told I am by a load of people but it has always rang empty, not humility, just - not true. Why do we separate them out and not just have a happy parent day? Every time one or the other comes around there are single parents (a couple of my sisters included) and grandparents raising children that stand up and say "I do this job too" so why do we have to make it such hallmark, card giving gender thing? I don't know if I'm peed off at the day itself or because I will feel like a fraud when my daughter gives me the card she made for her dad.
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    Haha, Ellen was one of the first to say hi when I began revitalizing our Facebook page 2 or 3 years ago. It has become very popular and active.
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    Yet another western country that is leaps and bounds ahead of the U.S. when it comes to TGLB recognition and rights. I wish Francis a good life with his kids in Spain.
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    Personally, I fail to understand how ANYone can put any faith or stock into the Catholic church's condemnation of transgenderism when molestation and sexual abuse at the hands of priests runs rampant in that denomination, or how the Catholic church has the gall to condemn that which is proven by science but turns a blind eye to their perverted pastors.
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    I'm not surprised. The Catholic church has always been a den of bigotry and intolerance. Take me for example. If they're willing to excommunicate a 3 year old child for asking a simple question about their god, then how can it be expected (or even believed), that they would have anything worthwhile to offer? If you want a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing hate group, then look no further than the Roman Catholic church.
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    Definitely a breath of fresh air. It's great to see Israel taking charge and treating the LGBTQ+ community like people instead of cockroaches. Now if only we could get that kind of treatment here....
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    “I think people with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome that brings them extra talent,” says Daniel Vais, the creative director of London’s Drag Syndrome, which he says is the only drag troupe for drag kings and queens with Down syndrome.
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