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I Want my HRT

By Alicia2011,

I want my HRT really bad and the Dr says I can't have it yet because my kidney function is elevated and my liver enzymes are high, but my other Drs cleared me for the treatment and so I want the hormone treatment, I've had the blood tests to show where my testosterone levels and my estrogen levels were, now it's up to the Dr. :angry:

My name is John , but I go by the name of Alicia because I am a male to female Transgender, tho my family never knew i was because i had to hide it most of my life, i had to grow up being a boy in my Dad's eyes, i had to play football, weightlifting, then my Dad got me into boxing and i was pretty good at that but i had to quit because i got three of my ribs broken, then when i was 18 I joined the US Navy but I got out because i could not adapt to military life. I always felt like a girl i guess from a young age, when i was 16 i put on my sister's spandex pants and her lightning bolt earrings and a blouse and my Mother's make up and went down the street and hung out at the local store, then i came home before Mom got home from work and my sister got home from school and changed and took off the make up. Well, my parents recently died, my Father died May 25, 2004 and my Mother died November 26, 2006 both died of cancer, then i was able to come fully out of the closet. My sister carol wishes not to see me anymore because i chose to become a girl but that's ok because i have to live for myself, she can't live my life and i can't live hers, i could never live up to her expectations anyway. Anyway, I will write more as it comes into my noggin lol :)

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