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One transgenders ascent into the light

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Although I won't be starting testosterone therapy until Thursday, I have been passing in the community for some time now. My body language, clothes and speech is male. I even have a thick masculine mustache. No one knows how I grew it. I remember one day standing in front of the mirror looking at myself and saying, "I want a mustache" in a rather forceful but positive manner. Before I knew it the mustache grew out. I think that this was due to mind over matter. I am looking forward to the physical changes I will exerience as a result of testosterone therapy. I'm going to post a "Before" photo of myself, and then take pictures every week to record these changes.

Today I grew as a man by becoming more of myself. I decided that I want to be called Dan instead of Daniel from now on. I remembered my time in jail on assault charges that were thrown out of court. However, for three months I soul searched isolated from humanity. My female persona dissolved because it was not real to begin with. I emerged, strong as my real self. I've been talking the talk and walking the walk ever since although I was just a boy when I first emerged. I was Daniel. Now I'm Dan. The day dawned, the day ends and although I'm free I'm alone with my thoughts again. I like my own thoughts. Yes. I am a man and no longer a boy. I am Dan.

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