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About this blog

a m>f living up here in the yukon

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ah oh

By jenffer,

with the cold wether and other things sorry i have been adding any thing but still i am ok

and getting ready for anther long yukon winter..........


By jenffer,

here a list of my works it cover a lot gay lovers to sex change and even thing in beteew

and you in big boobs we have that in here too

it for evenone who is open mined

and injoy stay.... the read my old strips 30 years of miss j and her friends are here

i hate

By jenffer,

it's sunday night and nothng but crap on tv..... but thanks for you tube on nights like this

and mush more video count down...i hope i get an idle for tommer stirp

yes... it's anter sunday night here in the yukon


By jenffer,

but i do have a lot of fiends here that don't mine that am a trans a lot woman like me as one of there and if tell them that a was a man 95% of the time they don't beleve that i was...a man wait to be a woman

no night life

By jenffer,

here in yukon we some night life .....some places to go.... but as trans it's a no no use you have someone to go with it ok but as for a trans it dangest to go a lone you will pick and a lot

and done the day if you have a hard as nails skin a lot day time drunks will call you names and lot of name... the drunks up here hate trans with passon been gat they donk care unless kiss in the street

then oh boy;;;; and i am not jokeing if the diunk find out from others in this town you wiil called on a lot..

1th post

By jenffer,

this is my 1th post so bear with me as get used to bloging here

it hard to be m>f up here in the yukon when beening a trans is like you age one for kind

where getting help for even you needs to be a trans is " no where to seen" i am doing by myself with a bit of help wee bit only my friends that it no gov help if you need get a sex chage you need cash and lot of it

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