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Daily discoveries of a very slow learning single dad(mom?) taking baby steps.

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Today I was wondering what a good haircut for my face shape would be.

I daydreamed a bit about how nice it would be to have a list of celebrities with my facial shape. Then I could just look at their best looks. OK I was being lazy....

Anyway that led me to this site which it just so happens does not require an account or social media login. 

I just uploaded a "casual" pic wearing light makeup and a cheap wig.

Apparently I need to step up my game. The cruel and unforgiving masculinity meter tipped to 53%. It did however offer me 3 cis female celebs that I resemble to varying degrees of fidelity. A quick googling later and i had some hairstyle ideas! 

Now its off to Amazon to looks at wigs. Wheeee


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