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About this blog

So my name is Luna and I am learning how to blog.  This would be my first.  I just wanted to throw out there I hope this blog can be helpful to some folks during thier transistions or after.  I will mostly write about my process and what not though I will not neccessarily have it in chronological order.  Either way hope its enjoyable

Entries in this blog

catching up...

By Luna,

It's been a little while,  been very busy.  Now starting laser treatement and soon starting hrt.  Really excited about this all and am now fully out and refered to as luna etc ... correcting a few people here and there however very much enjoying existing as me and not my old self.  I miss being around here much and hopefully will make some time to be more present on here.  Work has been keeping me busy with many projects and all sorts of good new things.  I look forward to reading all the posts and blogs I have not been able to attend to till now.  Hope to catch ya'll people soon.  <3 <3 <3

Out for the night

By Luna,

So I went out to a party tonight with a friend and made some more ... lately I have been introducing myself as Luna and its been great to hear that name when people introduce me... sure the pronouns thing is taking some work cause unless some one explicitly says she her everyone assumes I am male.  It's okay though one thing at a time ... i went out to a party had some wine and got to go shopping picked up a thing or two and just generally had a good night.


Hope everyone else is well too.  I also uploaded a picture.


Seeya all next time

and done...

By Luna,

Had started coming out a lil bit ago to a few people here a few there then to one job i knew would be supportive.  Slowly told some friends and then put it out publicly and just emailed my other job bosses to let them know so that they hopefully heard it from me first.  Now that that's done even though I am incredibly nervous about how it will all pan out i am happy that I have nothing to hide now.  No one to hide from.  Everybody knows ... if they judge me then that's not my problem.  I can express how i want or anything ... its like stepping out of a cage into a new world ... as a new person.  No more secrets about who i am at home or what i think in my heart.  It's incredibly nerve racking to be in this spot where i am ... however its all downhill from here.

oh wait...

By Luna,

So i had this epiphany last night...  now keep in mind i have tried to convince myself for years i was male ... which led me to often date straight women.  Which meant they expected me to be a male.  That didnt work out in the long run.  So today i set up an account on some silly dating site that all my coworkers and friends recommend and gotta take some snazzy pictures which also means I'll put some up here.   However I can actually start dating women as a woman.  Might as well give it a shot.  I gotta say it will be kinda exciting and fun to get to really be myself instead of trying to fit into a box i don't belong in.  I can get cuddled instead of cuddling.  I can be a kinda submissive girl and not have to be trying to use male power and act like i have in the past.  Sure some people may not be into me and it might take a while to find some one ... but i bet the relationship will be much healthier cause they will actually like me for me.


Here goes nothing.

Coming out

By Luna,

So one beautiful thing about being openly female is all the ways i get to express myself.  The really amazing thing is shifting from fear of "omg what if they find out" to "omg they are okay with this... omg its gonna be okay."  I know that this is  not everyone's experience and it breaks my heart.  I know  I am super privilaged to live and work in western mass USA where lgbtq respect is one of the best in the country.  I just am so grateful that this is not just where  I came to but also where i grew up.  That a lot of these people have been friends for a while some for a long time. I am privilaged that my family accepts me and that some family is also affirming and supportive.  I am so glad to be able to be who  I am.  My heart is flooded with emotions at this time and I just want to tell anyone / everyone going through the process of coming out.  What ever letter of alphabet soup you fall into, that I love you and I respect you and I honor you for being you.  If you are not feeling comfortable or safe coming out... I want to tell you that I accept you, that I am here for you.  It is a privilage to feel safe coming out to the world. It is an honor to come out to myself.


<3 Luna

New Buisness Cards

By Luna,

So i just got word today that my boss is changing my email and buisness cards to reflect my preffered name.  I am really excited and very grateful for this.  My work has been incredibly supportive during my transistion so far and I cannot thank them enough.  I am really excited to see a card with the name Luna on it in the near future.  To me having my name reflect me is both a sign of respect to my needs as well as very kind and understanding.  I am really psyched and I just wanted to share.

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