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Beginning my transition from mtf at 43 


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2 months hrt

So fat iv been on hrt for like 10 months but am only counting it as 2 because that's how long I been on the injectable form . And so far so good so on the second round of lupron I discovered there's only one dose you can get I had to ask because I noticed semi arousal oppose to nothing with the spironolactone. And that's once a month still not sure if I can get more than one dose ? And the weekly esterdiol is the lowest dose of close to it 5ml a week I want more as I noticed a pleasurable feministic attitude that weres off so hopefully still waiting on results of current estrogen level.  Ok so growth yes getting perky breasts and I obviously want bigger if I where a bra though it looks like I'm wearing a bra if I dont it looks like I got boobs if I fold my arms somebody say I look like a football player witch really made me mad like omg so mad swearing and everything very bad expressionism excuse me but whatever .o so yes I can be very moody if provoked and i think that can be animated considering my hrt so i do keep that in mind . Also my weight distribution is not ideal as i have a nice butt now looks like a bubble and female so that's good but my legs got thicker some pants dont fit anymore and i got a belly , so waiting till all that stops as it only started 2 months ago and that equals 35 pounds. Also no motivation to work still trying to get a grip with that as far as what is the cause and am led to believe its my hiv and meds from that witch is just one pill genvoya and that started the motivation loss prior to being diagnosed so definitely hiv not the meds from it .o I'm also undetectable and my cd 4 #s were last over 500 I forgot exactly , so far I'm on welfare as I kept getting injured doing work that normally takes 2 well fit men to do and cant get up in the morning and cant sleep at night either so working on that still with my dr s. In the mean time having no income it's a fight to eat and have food or have clothes and I worry alot about homelessness but somehow I been staying afloat without doing anything bad so that's good and trying to find work that I can do that's not so bad to do and I do find it as scarce as it is . Well I'll be back again to share how my transition is going In a bit till then blessings and be kind  Jessica 




Blood test

So after 4 months of taking over the counter estrogen and other dietary supplements I've made my appointment take my blood test now I'm waiting for results to go back to start HRT full-time although I practically been on my own HRT for the past 4 months which end result have been positive such as breast budding and softer skin and overall good health and sore and sensitive nipples that  Are all ways hard .😀
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