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The Definition of Normal



I wrote a book - The Definition of Normal by E S Carpenter - because I studied psychology and learned that there is a ton of educational / psychology proof that TG / TV / CD people and their admirers are NORMAL! And I am very tired of the social beating these groups get, from the so called 'normal people'.

These lifestyles, along with LGBT have existed since humans have existed, and it is about time someone explain the educational information available, so the non-educators can learn. Seems almost all LGBT / TG / TV / CD education material is in Peer Review Journal Articles - not readily accessible to the general public. I have no idea why our wonderful higher educational system does not gladly offer access to this information - but that is a discussion for another day.

I studied the information in the book. The pschological facts are accurate. Yes, they are woven inside a love story. ...Believe it or not, for the reasons the character 'Lorraine' gives in the book: Most people can't process formal operational thought (theory only). SO I wrote a concrete operational love story around the information, so more people would access.

The book is free on Amazon to read. See how 'NORMAL'. Then let's talk if you want?


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Hi, I've bought the book and have read the first few chapters, for me there's a great deal of resonance in the story.................



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Hey it's been a while since I read your book, and I enjoyed it as a good story, but would have liked much more medical-transition related content, and legal / name change issues, it then would be an absolutely excellent read. And I think I paid for my e-copy if I remember correctly!



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