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Post surgery report 2



My friend had me pick up groceries prior to surgery, two items in particular I wondered about, strawberries and blueberries. Well last night I found out they were for me to assist with constipation as happens after surgery. So I am eating them right up. Urinating is no problem at all. Speaking of urinating, I am wearing a rather loose fitting and long top so each time I go the top is lifted up over my new breast and of course have to stare at them, oh so nice looking if I do say so myself.

Dinner was fantastic, my friend made a disk that I can not explain other than I eat everything off my plate.

I am having troubles sleeping, went to sleep in my recliner as the chair provides a better position that my bed. The longest I have slept for is two hours. It's 1 AM right now and fully awake.

Pain, it's currently at 2 out of 1 to 10 scale were most of the pain is from a strap that runs around my chest and covers the top of my breast to keep them down and in. I will see if my friend will take a picture so you all can see for yourself.





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So glad that your recovery seems to be going so well!

I hadn't thought about the implications for sleeping before.  I can imagine it's an adjustment even after the recovery from surgery is done.  I sleep on my side and there would suddenly be a new weight pulling down.

Still, I can't wait :)

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Just had a call from the surgeon's office asking me how I was doing. One of her comments was "does it feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest?" I said, never thought of it like that but yes we can go with that. Have an appointment with them a 10:30 tomorrow morning.

I have been taking mini-naps but nothing more than 60 minutes.

If I didn't say it before I will say it now, all the pain is worth it :):):)

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