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Just upped my dosage.



My dosage of Estradiol has been increased. I am looking forward to the changes that come with that. So far I've noticed the following changes:

- Overall, I am much more calm and patient. Though, because I haven't transitioned yet and feel kind of trapped I get impatient and angry.

- I am much more focused. More than I have been my whole life!

- Overall, I sleep much better at night. I can sleep 12, 13, 14 hours straight if I really need it. I was totally unable to do that before. Though, lately I have woken up in the middle of the night anxious (like I used to). I have brief periods of fear and anxiety that I am going to lose everything and everyone due to transition.

- My sex drive is less. Actually, when I started HRT, the first four weeks, my sex drive dropped to zero, but has bounced back. Still lower.

- Physically, the only thing I've noticed is some shrinkage below  and my breasts are swollen and a little sore if I press on the nipple.

- My appetite is about the same but I get the munchies much less, which has been the killer for me!

Hopefully, not TMI. But I wanted to share. I've only been on HRT for two months, but have noticed changes. Mentally, it has been dramatic. Physically, not as much. I would imagine with the increase in estrogen, the pace of change will pick up.


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If I may suggest, take pictures of your face every month. In about 12 months look back at the first and the last, you should see changes that are not seen over the duration of the 12 months. This happened with me, could not believe the difference.

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You might soon start to feel a small lump forming behind your nipples, as your breasts really start to bud. Some girls then experience growth for about 18 - 24 months at which point growth starts to slow down a bit or stop, but it doesn't always stop. However some girls who have gone all the way past GRS and taking HRT for 3-4 years or more are still relatively flat chested, but in all cases as Karen has alluded to, facial features noticably change, people tell me that mine have, but I didn't take any photo's because I never liked my face as a male, I regret not doing that now. I only have a couple of old crappy photo's as me as a male......................

Changes of mood or moodswing if you prefer are relatively common, it's rather like being a teenager, one day child like the next more adult like and so forth. You have to realise that you have to go through female puberty, no matter what your cis age is.

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So far no mood swings but my nipples and breasts are swollen. I started estrogen about a month and a half ago and I cannot believe the change. I will need to start wearing a sports bra when I exercise. It is unbelievable. I have gone up at least one size. My mom and sister are big on top, so I don't know if that applies to me. However the changes have been really quick, so much so it is a little concerning. I went to a water park today and I had people looking at me. My son, who is 6 years old, poked my nipple which hurt and I snapped at him. I think he's noticed as well.

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