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I have waited 67 years, mostly not believing it was even a possibility for me. My psychiatrist's diagnosis started with "severe depression... caused by Gender Identity Disorder,  I seldom 'felt' depressed, what I felt was anger and the shame placed upon me, was replaced by pride. I will stand tall, thrusting my bra pads up and out, "in your face"! I still have that pride, I have just lost the anger. That does feel good. A little peace, the knot in my stomach gone. Today is so different, most people are very nice and friendly from the heart. The couple of lower life forms that have an issue with me, with being trans, aren't aggressive or abusive, they just seem to be holding themselves back, as if they know they wrong, but they just can't help it.

Gone are the days when most people were shocked to see me, they couldn't believe there eyes, then the disapproval begins. and simple rudeness was the least of the potential attacks that were launch in my direction. You know that really weren't that many then, but the world seems nicer some how.Of course there are those who would burn us at the stake if they could. Then the ones who are just so afraid they are very dangerous.

Some folks, just can't stand change, that nice safe, familiar thing is what they have to have to calm their fears, that, and a belief that God will save them in the end. That is how they deal with issue of mortality. Some not just welcome, but seek out change, the new, the unknown, the untried. I see that has just acceptance, acceptance of the fact  that there some things over which we have no control, no ability to influence our own fate. We still do all we can to make it be 'our way', because we really don't know if this is an event we can influence.

Fear is really not a good reason to do something, or not to do it, and 'Tradition', the famous words, ' that's the way we've always done it' - we those 2 things will make the conservatives lose!

Fearless innovation will triumph.... has to, just too logical to be wrong

My transition has had many times and many things that were needed in order to move on, and many, and many things just worked out to my advantage and kept my transition moving along. Lots of bits and pieces to this, I know that something I do not understand, has been a 'wind against my back' my dream is coming true and it isn't just cause I made it happen

I feel so lucky

I am so grateful.


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