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A poem



In my previous entry, I told of my Dutch/ NZ friends, I found a lovely poem written by them in the wrapping of one of their presents, it's just occurred to me to share it.



Testosterone Steve

Has taken his leave

(Except when driving)

Or possibly diving


Shakespeare said; To thine own self be true

Wise words that rang a bell for you

We know it took courage, faith and “front”

(A bit like Kenny Everett’s Cupid Stunt)


What we see is a big hearted lady

Who dares to be so, before she gets fadey

Look at your Mum, an example for all

Bursting with life, still having a ball


You talk about Sam with such great affection

And clearly love Maybelle to utter distraction

60’s a bitch, I remember it well……

We salute you, lovely Eve, be sure to live well


Maggy & Peter Van Krimpen,  27th December 2015


You might be wondering about Kenny Everett and Cupid Stunt. Kenny Everett was a gifted radio DJ turned TV comedian in the UK during the 1980's, he had a drag character called Cupid Stunt who did everything in the "best possible taste"....................



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