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Low odds but cheap



The majority who are transgender that want to have surgery don't have funds to move forward. The best path is to be diligent and save money for surgery and not lost focus on the end goal. One day you might have nothing to contribute while other times a few dollars. No matter it adds up in time and the key is time.

There are no magic path other than saving money but if you have two dollars to spare then by all means get a Power ball ticket for tomorrow's lottery, 450 million dollars. I might play the lottery once every couple of years but think this one is worth playing even though there are low odds of me winning.

What would I do if I won? Put my lottery ticket in my safe deposit box, tell absolutely nobody I had a winning ticket. Go about my daily life while seeking out someone to manage my money without disclosing I won the lottery. Once you are known as a winner everyone becomes your friend so I would immediately move, don't know where but would be someplace I was not known for winning the lottery. After that I would plan out my next moves. I would plan out my future very carefully by all means.

Any ways, got two dollars, take a chance.  

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Wise words about money attracting false friends, but also I love Veronicas comments, especially the philanthropy and ice cream with sprinkles!.

I do the UK National lottery twice a week every week, and have won small amounts several times, I can't wait for it to be my turn to win a larger amount and lead a life of leisure with Maybelle..................possibly somewhere in Benelux. And I'd not be hanging around for our NHS to get round to doing my GRS either, I'm not sure of where I'd go to get that done though, possibly Thailand or if I had enough money perhaps the US.


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