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Something's definitely happening



Yep, changes are afoot.

I did notice something Monday morning that surprised me. But I'm not going to explain anything about that here. Suffice it to say that there was a noticeable difference in something after only two doses and I spotted it as I was getting ready to administer dose three.

Today is Tuesday and I've had only four doses of the hormone. I can say with certainty that my appetite has increased. I feel hungry all the time so I'm going to have to watch that carefully.

The headache must have been a coincidence. I haven't had one since the other day. I'm relieved about that. 

I have noticed that I smell different. And that the skin on my face is different. I don't know whether it's just my imagination, but I think it is also affecting my sleep. But generally speaking, I'm happy with how things are going after such a short time.


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Hi Jay, I identify with your experiences but it took a little longer for me. Only a few weeks though. I was also surprised how quickly my breasts responded but three months on now and they seem to have settled down to a more steady growth. I think from what I can feel the internal structure started as a small knot under each nipple and is now becoming flatter and wider like a small upside down saucer. I am also much more relaxed. My dysphoria was really driving me at first but now it feels like it has been released, like a spring that was under tension. I also feel hungry, especially in the evening. It's really hard but try and stay in control. Personally I feel so free and good about me. Love and best wishes. Chantel

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