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Step 3



On my way to London to see the psychologist from the GIC. Sitting at the station waiting for my train.

It's windy but the sun is shining and I'm feeling good.

Step 1 was getting the T prescription. I ordered my supply for the fourth month yesterday and it arrived today.

Step 2 was getting to see the psychiatrist from the GIC. That was weeks ago. Today is step 3.

Goodness only knows what step 4 will be. I haven't a clue.

The T is redistributing my body fat already. It has also given me a few whiskers on my chin. I shave them off. :)

I decided to stay in London tonight. Have a quiet night to myself. Maybe use the hotel gym. Read my Kindle. Listen to music. 

Have no idea what this psychologist is going to ask me but it'll be fine.


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