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Healthier life style.

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First off, wish I’d thought of this earlier in life yet there is no bad time to start. I’ve been coloring my hair from dark brunette to blonde to dirty blonde and the consequences were thinning of hair but no hair loss (thank goodness).

Decided it was time to combat the issue with vitamins and several hair mask and conditioners. It’s been one month now and have seen noticeable difference is the health of my hair. Downside is on the weekend I spend an hour dedicated to pampering my hair.

I’ve also started having a professional facial done once a week and have noticed healthier skin.

Couple the above with from fast food diet to one deal with meat a day with the rest salads and streamed vegetables.

I think the above will pay dividends as time goes by with emphasis on leading a healthier life style.    

Last but not least, since two more things, I never go out without a hat and sunglasses even when it’s not sunny. Maui Jim's prescription (progressives) sunglasses were my choice as I like the trial pair given to me along with testimonials from customers of more than ten years. Of course dependent on what I’m wearing I wear good sun block/screen lotion. 

PS It's been over a year without any makeup other than a product which promotes healthy skin which has a slight makeup characteristic to it. 

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There's definitely no such thing as too late ^_^. We always have the rest of our lives.

I def find it easier to live healthier being out and transitioned - nothing like living authentically to get you to care more about your health!

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