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Rebounding from a purge... it that the right word?

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Hi girls,

I use to have a fabulous wardrobe. Then on several stange days, I threw them out Now I am collecting outfits again. Maybe I just love shopping for clothes... I don't know. Maybe I love the feelings of danger while shopping for outfits while in DRAB.

I had a lot of confidence shopping today at yet another Goodwill Store. It was full of women and a few men doing their own shopping. I guess if you shop with confidence, who is going to challenge you?

I have back-up plan if I ever do get challenged by someone, especially if I run into someone i know. My storyline would be that I have a part time reseller business on ebay and womens clothes are always an easy sell. I could even be daring and talke about a big Cross Dresser Clientel --- followed by a little knowing wink and a smile.

In fact I am pondering on making a few sales on ebay anyway. Especially for items that dont fit well or items that need a new home. I was even thinking of getting some business cards made with the TRANSGENDERED graphic on it and my Manifesto printed on the back.

Peace my Friends, Charla Jo tongue.gif

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Buying stuff in public can be a challenge, I've even set up "maibox" accounts and shopped online with pre-purchased gift 'debit' cards, this does get expensive and time consuming though, but it's easier to find what you really want, even though sizing can be a challenge. I prefer to buy new though.

With love,

Glenda Degerious

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