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Why do we have to los the ones we love so dear to us?

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Today I found out that I lost a very special person in my life. We all knew her and I miss her so much already. Her names is Tracy A. She was the only one who truly knew me for who I am. Even though she and I never met she was so special to me. She was the daughter that I never had and a best friend who I loved so much.

She had confied in me her most precious things and had asked so many qustions and wanted so many answers about life and the things to expect. God why do we have to lose the ones so dear to us so soon. She was only 22 and was killed by drunk driver. I can only say this I hope she understands how much she is missed by me and those who knew her. Tracy my friend I love you and have always been your friend.

Thank You for being my friend. All my my kindest and deepest emotions.

Tracy N.

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Tracy N,

I am sorry that you lost one so dear to you.

Sometimes things just don't seem fair.

But, I think that sometimes things happen for the best.

Only the good Lord may have known if she had something that would make the rest of her life a living hell and an early death being her blessing.

Once again, I'm sorry about your loss.

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