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Halloween 2010

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I was looking over some of my posts last year before Halloween. Here is one:

Or is it really you in your Halloween costume?

Well girl, it is almost Halloween. The time of year for transgender and real sisters alike to strut their stuff.

It's our Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving all rolled up into one glorious weekend. At the least, you can hit more than one party!

It's the party where the women are jealous of your legs, hair and makeup, and by the way, where did you learn to walk in those heels? Who did do your makeup?

It's the party where your guy friends either shy away from you or to you after a few adult beverages. How innocent is it when they run a hand up your nylon covered leg?

That's you isn't it? The witch in the low cut dress. Hanging with Count Dracula your golfing buddy? Will he ever look at you quite the same again after a few beers in the clubhouse?

The fun part is, you have so many ways to attend a Halloween party. You can wear a fun, sexy comfortable female costume or slut it up and go as a hooker. Remember girlfriends, those heels are very unforgiving after awhile and that short skirt becomes very difficult to be ladylike in all evening. Especially if you happen to get buzzed.(Yes, I've tried it)

OR learn from Le Anne's example (she is a follower here) She dazzled a party by attending as a Hollywood starlet. Everyone was amazed by her look and how she presented as a woman. To LeAnne however she wasn't dressed in a costume. She was just dressed up! I paraphrased much of her comment but she makes an excellent point.

Your big party night can be a coming out bash for the girl in you.

Beware though, once you let her out and the compliments start rolling in-you may never be able to shut her in again.

Finally, be careful of thinking you are one heavenly creature and go to WalMart the next day in the same clothes.No one will be impressed with you in the heels and the mini trying to look like "Lady Gaga"!

Instead, take the compliments and build your confidence. Remember though, many of them are saying you make a great looking woman...for a guy.

But that's OK! That's when the fun starts.

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Very interesting post.

I worked at Wally*World and saw two chicks come in one night.

Both looked rather hot.

All the guys were checking them out when the one spoke in a deep man's voice and said"This is so embarrassing."

The truth is had he not spoken nobody would have known.

The week of Halloween is a time when some workers dress up but almost all of them are curious as to what sort of costume shoppers will wear.

It's probably a good time for those who fear not passing to go shopping there and not have to worry.

I enjoyed your article.

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