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a new start?....

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So i was talking to my friend samantha ..on thursday night, after the meeting at sanctuary in staffs uni, and one of the topics was a blog .. now i`m not one for blogs to be honest.. but like a seed its germinated into me finding a suitable place to try this idea out and blog bits and bobs along the way i`ve found useful, where to get a wig, breasts, nails clothes a should and ear to listen to your troubles at 5 am on a sunday ... where to be you how to change your voice the topics are endless. but i`m gonna have a go at this bit by bit.... by the morning i`ll have written something.... cos this girls got something to say....oh heck I`m saying it, Hey there reader welcome ..... <clinks the screen> still with us? still awake? hmmmm.

Well stick with me, and i`ll share it all with you, the high bits the low bits the tips and tricks i learn along the way, hey and if your sitting there , think hey i can help with that or damn thats how its done click on the comments and add something!.. Then i`ll know i`m not talking to myself!.. oh and the opinions i give will be mine and no one else...

with all that said Welcome to a corner of my mind.. and my future..

Karen xxx

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