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List: "Goods" and BADS of being Trans* as a teen/High school

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Ok, I'm going to make a quick list of pros and cons of being Trans* in high school and as a teenager... Even though there really isn't anything good about being trans*


- You get to educate people and make a difference.

- You can pick your own name.

- GSA for support.

- Guidance counselors to talk to.



-Getting the wrong pronouns.

- Not being old enough for HRT.

- Being called by your birth name on the first day of school...

-Gym class..

-Locker rooms.

-Un-supportive parents? Nothing you can do about it.


-People still using your birth name either because they always have or they are assholes.

-Friends that know your trans* but STILL use wrong pronouns.

-trans* phobic people >.<

-Can't get Top Surgery yet.

-The feeling of being alone...

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You are very brave. I hid from myself all through school and well into my adult life. People are becoming more open minded, but there is obviously still a lot of progress that needs to be made. We're here for you. Sounds like you're taking advantage of school resources too. I think you're amazing! :)

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