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The First Book Is My Autobiography Where I Have Recorded My Life's Journey. After Being Terminated From My Last Job In January 2010, I Had Plenty Of Time To Reflect And Finally Get Everything Down On Paper. I'll Admit That I Was Burned Out By The Time I Finished The Rough Draft. It Made Quite An Impact On Me Because Through All Of That Writing I Genuinely Got To Know Me! I'm Working On The Second Draft Now And Hope To Have It Completed Before The Winter Is Over. It's Not Like I'm Going To Escape Ohio's Brutal Cold Weather Any Time Soon! Then I Can Decide On The Books Formats. Since I'm Working With An Extremely Shoestring Budget I Was Thinking An Ebook Before The Actual Print Version.

Any Suggestions?




eBooks have definitely caught on. You can publish an eBook and have it carried on Amazon. You can also sell it on your own website, using PayPal for credit card processing. You could even set it up on an affiliate program and let others sell it for you and split the profits.

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Thanks for the info Lori!

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