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Survival Booklet



The Second Book That I'm Working On Is A Survival Booklet. Well It's A Booklet Size Now And I Want To Author It A Quick Simple Read. This One Struck Me One Night As I Was Thinking About Everything That I Go Through Just To Be Myself. From Depression, To Family Haters, To Passing 24/7, To Surviving On Dollars A Day! I Figured That I Can Help Someone Else With Their Journey By Sharing Mine. So Why Not Write About It? I'm So Sick And Tired Of The Way Tabloid/Gossip Talk Shows Portray The Trans Community! Our Mission Is To Be Our True Selves. Not To Look Horrible In Public And Trick Straight Men Into Bed! We Are Looked Down Upon As It Is. No Thanks To The Media! Anyway I'll Be Sharing The Book Outline Soon And Will Be Open To Suggestions On Content I May Want To Include.

What Survival Topics Would You Like To See Addressed By Any Author?


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