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i don't think I've ever been in such a neutral mood,.



Good things about today (this sort of trumps the bad things....)

  • Most people at work still have a problem with pronouns..... Except for dan, who I've bonded with over joking about beating eachother up in the parking lot at 3 AM. He's the only one who manages to understand the pronoun thing....

Todays bad:

  • After having writtena five page essay--- literary genius-- on Having gender neutral bathrooms on every college campus, My computer decides "Hey, let me makes your life harder because I know that this is your last day of english and you have 2 essays due." and It cut off and not only did it cut off but it didn't turn back on. Of course, I tried the Command+R Trick, Then went to the apple store in which they told me that I needed to get my hard drive replaces for only 169 dollars.... ONLY 169 DOLLARS. ONLY. Because My minimum wage job doesn't even pay me that much, I refuse to go to my father for cash, since I'm already milking him for transit money since... oh look at that.... My job only pays me 7.25 and gives me a whole 9 hours a week. How long is it going to take me to save up that? Long enough.


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