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Back after a long time....

Long time no chat. Yeah I been up to a few things in my year absence from the site. Just a little busy. But I wanted to drop in see how things are going do a quick shout out and in the next few weeks (when I find the time I will do a more filling fill in on what has been going on in my life. Much good and some bad. So here is what my last year has had me up to.

A new comic series

Demon Blade

A new novel

11 Kingdoms

A new Novelette series

Gloria's Gospel

and returning yet altering Path of the Butterflies from just a pdf guide to a intended monthly topic discussion blog.

Path of the Butterflies: A guide for Transgender individuals, friends and family

Please drop on by the blog share ether publicly or if you want to share your opinions privately or just chew me out you can email me from the blog.

I promise next post will be sooner and less self promotional based.

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