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I've never really though about my gender much, but when I met Skylar, I started thinking. Skylar is a transgender mtf gal who taught me about the gender spectrum. After meeting her, I thought about my life... I have always wanted to play soccer and talk low and wear blue and black, not pink and white. I remember one time, when I was about four, I was in a daycare. I needed to use the restroom and decided I'd do it like a boy. All in all I ended up with urine soaked red pants because as it turns out, my clit is not where my urine comes from. I've always asked people to call me these crazy names, Max, Jeffy, all sorts of things. When I met my friend, who's name shall not be shared, she said she thought I was a boy. Her sister said the same. My brother said I sound like a boy on the phone sometimes. Oddly enough, I didn't realize how masculine I seemed until about January or February.

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