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  1. It sounds very scary to me. What gives people the right to genetically manipulate mankind. Isn't this what Hitler wanted? Unfortunatly this is going on today. We know so little of what the scientists are doing that we are really just test subjects to them. Something to watch and catelog, put in some classification or file them as a new species. I'll get off the soapbox and go back to reading Alvin Toffler.
  2. Jolene4ever

    Greeley, CO transgender murder

    Hi Bonnie. I agree that education is part of the answer; but that old saying holds true-education begins at home. Most of us can relate to that saying. Whether it was good or bad we still had grow and form our own opinions. The enviroment is so important. A child growing up in violent or abusive enviroment MAY consider that behavior as being a normal way of life. It's only when we realize that we don't want to be that way we make a choice to be different. It's easier to go along with crowd than to go it alone. It's only when we separate ourselves that we find others who are in the same boat. That's when the healing begins. When we hear on the scanner that the police have picked up some 12 or 13 year olds for drinking ar thaey were out of the house at 2am we have to wonder what's going on. It's sad but we do live in that type of a world. Well, that's my soapbox-finished. Take care folks and keep smiling-frowns give you wrinkles! Jolene
  3. Jolene4ever

    Greeley, CO transgender murder

    Unfortunatly we can't take people like Savage off the air. If we did then we would be just like them and we wouldn't be in a free society...or a so-called free society. This story brings to reality what we all face. Here in the small town where i live a college student was almost beaten to death by four males...just for having long hair! They called him a f.....ing hippie! And now I sit afraid of going out at night for fear of the same. After 2 1/2 years on HRT the changes have been profound and I know of the looks and snickers and downright disgust. I am heartbroken that I can't be whom I should have been. I am sure that there are thousands of us in small towns that have the same fear. With people like Savage broadcasting HATE across this country unfortunally there will be more sad stories, most of which we will never hear about. It makes me want to cry. Jolene
  4. Jo jo- you're drop dead goreous in your my space. How much weight did you lose and how?
  5. Jolene4ever

    Soy is making kids 'gay'

    'soy is making kids gay?' Well, that explains everything! I can rest in comfort tonight because we have such people protecting us. Sweet dreams girls. Jolene
  6. How about cutting the cheescloth in a square,put the rice in the middle and tie with a very strong rubber band?
  7. A few years ago I stopped buying male clothes altogether. Everyone sees me in female clothes. Sure,I get looks when in the bra and panty department; but since the hormones I get less and less looks. This is very good---acceptance by the public? I hope so. And acceptance by the public,especially in small towns, IS a transition.Vulgar men and insensitive women are part of the world we live in, even our SO's or in my case ex-are part of the mix. If you are being verbally abused and belittled by your's, it's time to think about your relationship. Jolene
  8. This string is so great ! Who would have guessed that I would enjoy Philosophy 101 My vote is for Silk Reflections pantyhose.
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    New Moderators!

    When I was lurking,all of you helped so much,thaanks and congrats Jolene :D
  10. left]Can I add my two cents worth? I also wanted to go the natural way because I was aafraid of the effects that THE REAL THINGS would do to me, so I spent hundreds of dollars on breast enlargment pills,skin softening products etc etc etc. Then I sat myself down and had a real good look at what I was doing. I came to the realisation if I really wanted to change I was only fooling myself. I went the medical route, I HAD to tell my doctor, I went to my shrink,I went on hormones . You have to be honest with yourself.If you are afraid of the pills consider the patch or the pump.Either one works well and the results can ber dramatic in a short time.Jolene