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  1. i'm extreme when it comes to my transition so take my words with a grain of salt. i ahve used heavy hypnosis for the past year. when i say heavy i mean 8 hrs a day every day. i conditioned my sub concious mind to reprogram every part of my body to change to female. i've programed my dna and chromosomes to mutate to female. i comanded my hormones and body to produce esyrogen. i've studied female endocrine system and taught my body to replicate it. we are only 2% male stemming from the y chromosome. the y chromosme has the weakest bond and i believe it can be unchained. i know it's working for me because when i wake up my body is tingling and my bones and muscles feel tight and smaller. i can see light etch lines through out my body where the changes take place. i am very hourglass from the side too which looks just fantastic. i supplement with phyto estrogen solt gel caps. i also use natural curves breats pills. i like combo of ingredients and the routine is working. you must keep as must stress out of you life as possible. your mind is the key. think,act,feel and move as a woman and you will pick it up naturally. just like riding a bike. once you learn you learn for life.
  2. a calorie dense diet rich in protiens and low in carbs. carbs stimulate insulin and insulin is a very androgic.bodybuilders use insulin to get huge. if you need carbs eat fruit because it doesn't promote insulin secrtions. the fructose goes directly to fat stores and hopefully that fat is stored in your butt and breasts. estrogens and estrogenic foods help in distributing fat to feminine areas.
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