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  1. Would like to hear the latest advise and results on the use of herbal supplements to develop female secondary traits, such as breast development.  I have just started a couple of products and will be recording my results.  I would like to hear from anyone who has already tried herbs and what were their findings.  Dawn

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  2. I know I had taken this test years ago and I thought I was just considered Transgender but the COGIATI classification today had me as a FOUR, PROBABLE TRANSSEXUAL 170 = score.  Interesting yes.  Do wish I could match my body with my thoughts.  Dawn

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  3. Some thought about your great question - I guess I am very fortunate; if I am unisex dressed; ponytail, earrings, unisex glasses and jeans/shirts and start looking in the women's section in the store I am usually coded as a woman.  It is my own nerves and my voice that can give me away but not even that seems to make a big difference.  (Stats - I am 5'7.5" currently 158.  When I am at my optimum diet weight, lowest 138 - Funny I am between a size 8 to 10 women's dress). 

    One time I was shopping and I actually had some women's sports items I was carrying that I was considering and the store clerk asked me if I needed to try them on and without pause led me to one of the women's dressing rooms.  Interesting is I have had this occur several times.  The plus is, often I will enter a dressing room full of discarded items and if they are my size I try all of them on.

    A lot of times I will scope out an item in a store and then buy it on line.  I have had to return a couple of items; tops/skirts, and I have never had a problem. I don't even hide my male name and I am quite sure most of the sales staff knows I am a feminine male.  My favorite dresses are ones I have bought through e-Bay.

    Does this give you another answer to your question?  Below is my favorite dress - size 8 - an eBay purchase.  "Proof in pudding."

    Best to you - Dawn :)




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  4. Hello Mike,


    I got it, posted my first photo in a while.  It is/was/appears to be a file size limit.  Still not sure what the exact size is but I do know that less than 100kb or less than 300x300 pixels will load.  Maybe the error should be designed to show this limitation.  (Not sure how to make the error show that way)  This is probably a limit set in the input parameters for the new software running the website.  Anyway, I should be able to post again but I will have to go through additional steps to decrease the size of my photo files.   Dawn

    The below photo is only 63kb


    Great - fb 2a.jpg

  5. I just tried a smaller photo - 500KB.  This was a resubmit of one that I already posted.  The new copy did not make it - Same error 500 - so it does not appear to be size related.  Firewall??  permissions?? Operating system?? I have tried to post using my tablet and my desktop - both produce errors. --- Internet provider??   Dawn

  6. Michael,

    It might be a limit on the photo size - I just changed my cover photo - required a 700kb or less photo size.  All of the photos I have been trying to load are about 2mb.  Do you know what the photo size limit in kbs is?  Thanks Dawn

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  7. Thanks Michael - It started with the upgrade -  I actually had a couple of photos successfully posted and they disappeared from the Group Photos - for all I know this is where the software corruption started.  I have some new photos to post but am waiting until we think it is fixed.  Best to you - Dawn

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    Two different solution sets below (Word Press and PrestaShop)- I think the problem is a memory setting (Parameters) issue.  "Many times the server limit is 30 seconds, which is not long enough to run these scripts."  This is why I think it works for some and not for others.  Dawn

    Word Press 

    Common Solutions for the 500 Internal Server Error

    The two most common causes of this error are a corrupted .htaccess file and exceeding your server’s PHP memory limit. The .htaccess file in your WordPress directory can become corrupted after you install a plugin or make another change to your WordPress site. The fix is simple. All you need to do is create a new .htaccess file.

    PHP memory limit issues often occur as the result of a poorly-coded plugin running on your site or a site that’s grown considerably over time and is using too many plugins. You’ll begin to exceed the PHP memory limits set by your hosting provider once either of these things happen. The result is a 500 internal server error.

    We’re going to learn how to create a new .htaccess to get rid of the corrupted one as well as how to test whether or not you’re exceeding your PHP memory limits.


    We’ve all seen it. As common as it is infamous, the dreaded HTTP 500-Internal Server Error ...

    How to recognize the Error 500

    First, we need to go over the different ways you might see this error message on your computer. There are different forms of this message because each host/server is allowed to customize the way it’s displayed. Here are some common ways you might see this error.

    • “500 Internal Server Error”

    • “HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error”

    • “Internal Server Error”

    • “HTTP 500 Internal Error”

    • “500 Error”

    • “HTTP Error 500″

      Most times you will see this message accompanied by various forms of this classic ambiguous line
      “The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request by the client”

      It’s important to note that this error can be shown on any browser and any operating system (sorry, but switching to the new Mac Pro will not solve this problem) Here is a screenshot of one of the ways this error might be displayed on your browser.

      Internal error server

      What is the 500 Error?

      Put simply, the 500 error is the Web servers way of saying “Something went wrong but I can’t tell you what, sorry.” This is what we call a “server-side” error. That means that there is something wrong with the server who is hosting the website. It is an extremely general error usually caused by configuration issues with the websites programming, PHP or system permissions.

      How Can I Troubleshoot?

      Don’t fret; although this error message is absurdly vague, you still have ways to find more information. Web servers are almost always configured to hide specific error messages. ....

      For PrestaShop v1.4 through v1.5.2  ... (One system)  ...

      Investigating the Error

      Once you have the additional information, there are some standard ways to further investigate the error. First, let’s go over some the most common ways this problem is caused. Once we find the cause of this error, it is much easier to solve.

      Permissions: Many times you will find that the permission setting on one of your folders is set incorrectly. It could be a simple fix as switching a file/folder permission from 777 to 755 or vice versa. In most cases permission sets of 777 are extremely unsafe and can allow even an amateur hacker to access your files and put malicious code in it. Make sure to check with your hosting provider for specific information about permissions set as some servers have different regulations.

      Incorrectly configured .htaccess: Oftentimes you will receive an internal server error when the htaccess file is configured incorrectly. For PrestaShop purposes, the main culprits of the htaccess errors are “URL Rewrite” settings or Friendly URL enabling. The htaccess syntax is very strict so even one wrong character or command will cause the server to return an Internal Error 500. Make a backup of your htaccess and regenerate the htaccess file either through the back office or by toggling the Enable Friendly URL option.

      Server timeout: Every server has their own timeout setting, which sets the time that any given script can run. If the function or script crosses that limit, you will receive an error 500. The most common scripts in PrestaShop that can take too long to load are CSV Imports, backups, translation loading, import/exports and thumbnail regeneration. Many times the server limit is 30 seconds, which is not long enough to run these scripts. You should contact your hosting provider and inquire about changing the limit, at least temporarily.


      UPDATED 3/31/2016:
      We hope this article helps you address your issue. For answers to individual questions, you can post your question for free on our forum (www.prestashop.com/forums/) or contact us (www.prestashop.com/en/contact-us) and a representative will contact you with details on how you can get the help you need.

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  9. When trying to load a photo I get this error


    The website cannot display the page

     HTTP 500

    Most likely causes:

    • The website is under maintenance.
    • The website has a programming error.

    What you can try:

    bullet.pngRefresh the page.
    bullet.pngGo back to the previous page.
    More informationMore information

    This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying.

    For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.

  10. Today my wife helped me purchase two bras.  She has told me she really has noticed my expanding breasts and that I really need a bra now. My breasts are now almost a C cup and I am needing support.  What a change from three years ago when I was barely an A.  Something about hormone changes as I have aged and that I have taken a few hormone products to actually reverse this, and just the opposite has occurred.  I was taking a testosterone booster as my T was very low. My wife wanted me to stay overall masculine in appearance.  However, it appears that my body converted most of the supplement into estrogen.  The medication disclaimer does say it can work in reverse for some people.  While I was purchasing the bras my wife also helped me try on some bras that she was considering giving away.  My breasts fitted in them. I can wear them now.  As I have gotten larger breasts she is actually getting smaller ones.  I am actually happy that I have girls on my chest now.  Something else has been occurring even though I have been trying to work out a lot, my muscles are now softer and smaller than they used to be.  Lately I have been asking for help from even girls to lift things, as I am now feel weaker; defiantly age and my overall genetics are playing their part in this. I was always told I had beautiful legs, now the muscle appears to be less; they really look like girls legs.  Just yesterday a gate guard called me mam. "Have a good day Mam."  My long hair, thin body and earrings I am sure contributed to this; I just said "thank you" and enjoyed the mixed gender characterization of my body. Dawn

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  11. Right now I am in a green rebook sports bra top with matching shorts with a built in panty liner.  Call this my fitness day. 

    Older photo showing the same shorts with a similar top attached.  I wore this outfit running after I took the photo.  No additional padding, just my own new breast development.  just the other day an old guy friend that I had not seen in over a year mentioned he saw a big change in my body; he said it looked like my shoulder muscles and arms were now small and he almost did not recognize me in my unisex clothing. He had remembered me with broad shoulders from working out. Then he said it must be an age thing. I actually like my body more now.  I am a size 8 junior and I love the fit of junior clothing on my body. Dawn   jogging.thumb.jpg.0aaf8cc167a47176e6eb36jogging_3.thumb.jpg.bd0326c8510cb6742891jogging_2.thumb.jpg.42c9879cf0e7c1eea5b9

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  12. Thanks for posting this item.

    So difficult to sort out the feelings versus the male body I have underneath.  Three days ago, I just was talking to one of my best girl friends when we were at a running expo - she was part of a staff selling running skirts when I stopped at her booth.  "I told her it was so unfair." (That men - feminine looking men like me - are ostracized when openly wanting to wear a cute stylish shirt in a race or run).  She showed me a new product that they finally have developed. A collet short for men made of the same fabric as the shirt/s and almost a skirt in form.  I bought one of these with a matching unisex headband.  She actually got the same matching skirt so at some point we hope to get a picture of us both together wearing our matching outfits.

    The real point is even though I go to counseling about my being transgender - there is definitely something inside of me that goes beyond my desire to be a straight male in thought and body.  Over time I have actually become more feminine in looks to better accommodate my feelings; I now have very long hair, two earrings I wear all of the time, a weight closer to the average woman allowing me to wear junior's shorts and tops; some new breast tissue to the point I now can and actually need to wear my new sports bras.  Still I go out primarily as a male as I did in a recent running race. I remember at the race a girl runner actually saying as she walked by in a hearable voice to another runner.  Isn't that a woman (Looking at me).  Other guy friend said - no its a man.

    I am now happier in my own skin.  My therapist told me it is OK to wear unisex items and girls items, shorts/tops, that are kind of unisex.  She did tell me that I should not wear a skirt because of what it appears to do to my mind.  But again - this is really who I am, a girl, in my mind.  Dawn


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  13. Michael - I think you are right; as I have noticed some changes myself lately as I have gotten older - I am still quite fit, swim, and maintain a good overall weight - but I am now depositing fat on my chest and hips; less on my belly. I have also noticed more sensitiveness in my chest - I do not eat any special diet - but do count calories. Lexi - On your list - I do take super beta (Saw Palmetto) as part of my normal vitamins. Not really sure if this alone is part of my change. My wife did tell me that I had gotten "huge" in the chest. Recent pictures attached. Dawn

    Breasts 1.jpg

    Breasts 2.jpg

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  14. Thanks Monica and my friends,

    My wife commented yesterday when I was wearing one of my normal men's running tops that my breast profile (Side view) was the most noticeable.  I am sure I am still smaller than a B but now I am aware that I am showing.  I did some additional research and found a site specializing in men with breasts.  They suggested either binding them or getting a sports bra.  I do have several bras already but they are for me in girl mode.  The site suggested sports bras included Champion, fruit of the loom and under armor.  The goal is to minimize the bra showing, bra showing characteristics, straps, color showing; while under a shirt.  Another one mentioned for comfort alone was Moving Comfort.  I think my aging has made my hormones change and my natural ability to produce estrogen has caused this change.  I have always had lots of female characteristics and I now have natural breast tissue that is hard to hide.  The more I think about it I do not want to hide it.  I am actually proud that I my breasts are budding.  Dawn

    Added - Just tonight my wife found me a Danskin sport top with built in bra.  (Purchased from a thrift store) I tried it on and it gave me good support.  The bra insert portion is minimally noticeable.  Then tonight was the real test as I went with her to dinner and wore it as my undershirt - no jiggling but it did lift my breasts a bit and it also felt really comfortable (Made them look more like Pecs).  It was actually nice feeling, as my nipples had been irritated/sore a lot lately with some of the shirts I had been wearing.  I will likely be getting a few more sports bras soon.  I actually have small breasts now and my wife agrees I need some support.


    OK8 - development.jpg

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  15. The more on this item -  There is a distinct hair growth cycle.  (Monthly)  So to use a laser to remove hair it takes several treatments.  The lasers I used were very effective for dark hair.  I had to do about 10 sessions over a year - and today my beard is almost non-existent.  I had a promotion from a company in Oregon to start treatments but over time they slowly raised the price.  However, now a quick shave and I am as clean as any girl.  Dawn

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  16. I plan to read this entire string.  I had facial laser hair removal several years ago and it worked quite well - I no longer have any dark hair on my face and what does grows back is blond or white - I can go several days without shaving if I want and my facial hair is hardly noticeable.  I will post more on this when I have more time.  Dawn

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  17. For the first time I am considering going to a bra fitting.  Two days ago my wife was looking at me and said my chest was "enormous,"  Se said must be the swimming I do.  She wanted to see how hard I could make my pecks.  When I tried to tighten my chest the pecks hardly moved.  Rather what I had was quite a bit of breast tissue.  As she touched my softness she said "man boobs"  You may need to look into a bra.  I have been noticing breast growth in the last two years.  Any ideas of a good bra to try?  Dawn

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