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  1. Hope not How , yeash I need to goto bed . Smiles

  2. Welcome Alexis , how you find the forum helpful and the members full of usefull information.

  3. It seems waxing or electrolysis is the way 2 go 4 smooth skin but what about 4arm hair? Bleach or wax? Xx
  4. alexisj

    hi all, anyone help?

    why not pick up a subscription to Cosmpolitan Magazine. It is loaded with makeup and other beauty tips... plus it is a fun read. O yes magazines r a great idea, I'm liking the retro 60's look, i think I'm looking 4 emotional support and reassurance that I am doing thing right xx
  5. alexisj

    hi all, anyone help?

    Thank you so much for the reply, I agree I need 2 start doing rather than just thinking it, I just have no idea of how 2 start I guess a complete wax, then hrs infront of a mirror on make up the clothes shopping? Think I need 2 source a girl who will guide me xx
  6. alexisj

    hi all, anyone help?

    hi all i hope some one can help, i have had the same unforfilled feeling since i was 18 i am now 29, i yearn for my true self to relieve herself but just dont have the social support or the confidence to try, until now after hours of digging i have joined this web sight and am looking for ppl either in the same boat or as many of you have been through similar situations? i am looking for advice the smoothest passage into truly feeling alive again, from the best waxes to the best clothes and make up i am a blank canvus and need some one to paint xx aleXisj xx