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  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. Old news. I'm interested in the future not the past.I'm sorry, I didn't mean that to sound derogatory. I appreciate the efforts people made years ago, but I'm interested in my own personal future. Like I can appreciate Socrates, and Shakespeare, and Michelangelo, And maybe they do influence the way I look at philosophy, literature, and art. But we need to move on, don't you think. As a transgender woman brought up in the 50's I find the past rather distasteful. I hope for a new future. Dwelling on the past is the last thing I want to do.
  3. Very interesting. If it went global would be great. We are, after all, a community. I would be very happy to help out another transgirl if she, in turn, helped out me.
  4. I cannot comprehend the misery a person must face to take their own life. All I can say is hang on, however difficult this might be, and wait. Kill yourself tomorrow, not today. Things may, and often do, get better. Also think of your loved ones. If you don't have any then get some. We can all adopt a little furry person. Having some little furry people at home dependent on you may make you think twice. It works for me.
  5. So, as a man how do you deal wiv this. As a woman it's all very easy. I'm starting to think I'm not female at all, Like there's one big barrier to overcome. How do you do this? I suppose I can take certain drugs which will enable me to suckle a child. Oh, I don't know. Is this a weird wish. Is it weird to want a man by your side and a child. You know I don't really care what the man is like, he can have all the perversions life gives, but as long as he stands beside me and my child I don't care.
  6. Well that's a very difficult question. For a significant other - stockings I suppose (I know this turns men on) for myself tights, and in bed - bare - he can rip off the tights if he's sufficiently motivated, if you know what I mean. I like to go naked in bed, no barriers, just me, you, and our two bodies, banging together .
  7. Hotlips

    Confidence is everything

    I agree totally. Confidence is everything. I want to do this so much. But I fear people will laugh at me, point at me, and generally give me a hard time. Actually everyone knows what I am, it's an open secret, well I did that deliberately, preparing the ground. But I don't know, to take the final step is very hard.
  8. Botox injections in my butt. Will it look more feminine. I don't believe men like the skinny look. I'm looking for a large, fat round ass, that men will like. Will it help?
  9. The normal outcome wouldn't be death but a trip to the hospital emergency room. On a practical level you're going to reduce the amount of tissue available for your vagina. So if you want any normal kind of sexual life as a woman you're probably best to wait, or have it done by a medical practitioner who can minimise the damage. And you know men, they do like somewhere to put it. As an addition, if you do this before you've stopped growing, you'll probably grow to an enormous height (something to do with male and female growth cycles), which won't help your attempt to portray yourself as that cute female, will it? Believe me this is a big turn-off for normal men (no doubt there's a niche market). I'm 5'10" and I think I'm on the borderline or over where height is concerned. You're 6"2'. 6"3', how many men are going to be interested? I'm not trying to put you off, and I know minimising the effects of testosterone's a big priority if you're young, but self (as opposed to a medically supervised) castration is not the answer . It won't improve the situation, it will make it worse.
  10. Hotlips

    I need a little guidance please!!

    I found this thread very interesting. Certainly the need to look inside yourself and ascertain your true motives is good advice I think, I'd love to be a woman, but I don't want to be a castrated man. And I suppose, when it's all over and finished, the Holy Grail achieved, you'll either feel like one or the other. That's when you'll know. A high price to pay for knowledge, but wasn't it ever thus. Any doubts, don't do it. Forget the hot women, one day you're going to be an old woman, Would you rather be an old woman or an old man? Answer this question truthfully and you'll know where you're going.
  11. Very sexy Susanna. I attach a couple of my own. These are a cheap no name brand but I am planning to buy something decent soon. Lack the courage to actually go into a shop and buy a pair of women's jeans. Pathetic, I know.
  12. Hotlips

    Female Vocabulary

    I find, as I get deeper and deeper into my female persona, that I'm starting to have a regard for the feelings, thoughts, and happiness of other people as individuals. This is totally foreign to me as a male. My view was always very objective, now it's becoming subjective. Before I was always interested in the general good but now I want to know how you, as a particular individual person, feel. What I mean is I'm genuinely interested. It's all rather weird actually. And I'm starting to accept my emotions. Before I would suppress them. Now I let them flow. As I said, very, very weird. I think language reflects this change in mental attitude. HL.
  13. Hotlips

    Female Vocabulary

    I tend to use the phrase "darling" if I'm close to someone.
  14. Hotlips

    Its hard work to look this good.

    Well I don't know. Of course, guys like to have some skinny girl on their arm in public, but in bed? Well I'll leave the verdict open on that one. I think this is more about competing wiv other women than attracting men. I've noticed that most women have a little curve on their stomach. It can be kind of attractive. It suggests fertility, softness, and femininity. I think we worry too much about weight. Nobody wants to be obese, but a few extra pounds, does it really matter. And you know, you're never gonna be 16 again. You're chasing an impossible dream my darlings. But what do I know. Oh dear, this sounds really bitchy. You go for it girls. I'm just jealous cos I'm a big fatty. Take care, HL.