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  1. My about me section disappeared. I will redo it when I get a chance.

  2. If anyone wants to talk, feel free to hmu.

  3. Today I have realized that people of transgender experience need to quite being hateful to each other. How can we be taken serious if we can't get a long with one another? I am starting to believe that before people transition they should educate themselves on what it means to be transgender and think hard about if that is the reason they want to go through the transition. From the time I was 21 until I was 27, I did my research and because I did so as well as some soul searching, I came to two conclusions. One, the gay lifestyle didn't even fill the void. I knew I was attracted to men but I didn't feel like a guy. And two, I realized that all my life I felt I was born in the wrong body. I knew this at a very young age but didn't know what it ment. I didn't tell a soul. Instead I kept it to myself and acted like I was expected to act. So I went to New York City and transformed myself to who I am today. I consider myself a hetrosexual female and only date men that consider themselves straight because they do not find gus attractive. My creator didn't make a mistake. I was born to be a strong person and my mom was able to raise who she needed to have a complete family.