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  1. ChrisseyS added a post in a topic: JC Penney Tall and Large Sizes   

    Stephani, I think pumps would do the trick... or wedge sandals :rolleyes:
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  2. ChrisseyS added a post in a topic: Victoria Secrets   

    I've always found the VS here in Tucson VERY friendly and helpful!
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  3. ChrisseyS added a post in a topic: hi all, anyone help?   

    Hi newbie,

    Def check out youtube for resources on makeup tips, but as was said before, be careful. When you're new you tend to overdo it. Remember that makeup done well does not look like you use it at all. The main thing is practice, practice, practice. It took me forEVER to do eyeliner properly

    When it comes to clothes, one of the best places is your local thrift shops. That way you can try a lot of styles to find what looks good on you without going broke on new outfits at the mall. For lingerie I find Fredrick's of Hollywood to be very TG friendly. The girls there are very helpful. Other than that, buy your undies at Walmart, Target, etc. they have a good selection and the prices are VERY reasonable.

    I hope this helps.


    P.S. Are you in Tucson?
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