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    Video games, roller skating, music and baking.
  1. just popping in to say hi! I hope you are doing great! I have missed ya!

    1. PlagueBubonic


      sweetie I miss you too !!

      I tried to Email you so we could talk

      and skype too.

      say hey to everyone hope all is well love ya

  2. I hope y'all are doing well! I have been super busy with my changing jobs and new, earlier hours. Peace and love!

    1. PlagueBubonic


      and new picture lol things are going well though?? Peace & love to you my dear >:)

    2. Rhianonn


      Things are going really well! I hope they are for you as well!

    3. PlagueBubonic


      And why would they for you!! your just too lovable!! >;)

  3. My life has just been super busy and I am sure yours is just as much is not more! I hope you are well! Love and miss ya!

    1. PlagueBubonic


      Ya! sweetie you said a mouth full >;) I'm missing you too.. talk so I hope love ya peace out bff<3

  4. Been forever since I have been here!

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    2. Rhianonn


      I have been sooo busy! idk if i told you but I got a new job. Been working long weeks. Worked 10 days and I have today and tomorrow off then I work another 7. Starting may 21st, I will be back to a 5 day a week work week. I have been doing this since early April lol. Sorry for being so MIA! I misses you a lot! <3

    3. Lori


      Nice to see you again (((hugs)))

    4. Rhianonn


      You too Lori!!! *hugs* I'll be around more often after next week! :)

  5. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Time to skate off my restlessness!

    1. PlagueBubonic


      Hey!! Girl remember to use good oil on the trucks LOL!! ;)

  7. Things are finally looking up!

  8. Day 10 of work almost done! woot! Money, money, money!!!

    1. Lori


      Work is good. Just make time for you. :)

  9. Can this week drag anymore?? ugh.

  10. Heyyy! I miss you!!!!!!!!!

  11. feeling better today. leave it to my coworker to make me laugh and smile. :D

    1. PlagueBubonic


      Yay!! I'm glad you feel betta now sweetie I love to see you smile...;) you know I seen you do that..LOL..XD

  12. feeling better today. leave it to my coworker to make me laugh and smile. :D

  13. Today is just as rough. Ugh.

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    2. PlagueBubonic


      OK sweetie..Till then take care of yourself; Please stay strong...I can see something is the matter :( ...I care about you a lot!!!!!!!

    3. Rhianonn


      I am doing a little better now that I am not at home. Our kitten milk was real sick and we didn't know it and we had to put her down on Saturday. Maybe we can Skype tonight and I will give you more details.

    4. PlagueBubonic


      yes please sweetie....sorry to read about your kitty :(

      Glad your feel'n a little better. :)

  14. Today is just as rough. Ugh.