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  1. so i've branched out a bit in the past few months and gone places other than nordstrom and jc penny who are both very tg friendly at least in my experience. this is mostly for younger tg girls i guess but i ahve found recently that charlotte russe and wet seal are fantastic. i know that other places i've gone such as forever 21 and macy's i seemed to get stares from the sales girls and really not much help if any but both of these places are great. i think it might just be that they have better service in general but both places have been very warm and helpfull every time i've gone in. i can only speak from my experience though
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    and it's a totaly free service and your under no obligation to buy what the girl finds for you
  3. finally ok shopping. great feeling

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    i've only been to four places so far and jc penny, victoria's secret, and charrolette russe were all very nice when i admited the clothes were for me but nordstrom has by far been the nicest. i've actualy become good friends with two girls who help me there. if your still nervous about shopping liek i am they have a person shopper option which is what i do. you get a private room and just tell the girl they assign to you what you looking for and she shops the store for you and helps find looks that are good for you. you have to call a head to set these up but at least in my experience they are very oepn to any one who wants their help as long as your a good customer. if your worried about prices sicne it is nordstrom don't they have found amazing deals for me and i have yet to spend more than 40 for anything and that's been very rare that it's that high. i hope this was helpfull to you all and liek it says above, jc penny, vs ,and charrolette russ are alos fantastic. i've only been to one of each of these places so i can't speak for themas a whole. nordstrom though i believe it pretty universaly open to it.