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  1. MyraE01 added a post in a topic: Encouragement!!!   

    My experience is somewhat similar. I came out as gay and transgender all at once. I started to wear make-up, especially to work, and paint my nails various colors. I also wore women's clothes as I acquired them, which was slow going at first. I know that I don't pass too well yet, but I have decided that I am going to be comfortable with myself as I am, and dress and use make-up to satisfy myself as opposed to the other people out there. I judge myself harshly enough anyhow, I don't need to waste my time with what other people think of me.
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  2. MyraE01 added a blog entry in Myralee's Blog   

    I started my transition sometime in September of 2010. At that time, I simply came out of the closet with a bang. "Hello, world!," I shouted at the top of my voice. It felt so very good to be out of the closet, not only with my sexuality (bisexual leaning more toward gay) but also with my gender identity (female).

    It took awhile for me to become comfortable with my look, as I didn't really have one when I started. I had to get women's clothes, make-up, and learn how to use them (some may say I still don't know how to). I also joined a local transgender support group and sought counseling.

    I have been on hormones since the end of September of 2011, and have experienced a marked improvement in positive feelings toward myself.
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  3. MyraE01 added a comment on a blog entry: sex life was a lie   

    I think it is important to remember that sexual orientation and gender identity are often two different things. So if you are attracted to women, say, before transition, you will be attracted to them after transition. It may be that you feel more free to experience attractions to men now that it may be 'safe' to do so as a woman.

    Whatever the case, enjoy it for what it is; it is wonderful!
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    My First Post
    Hello, my name is Myralee, an out and proud trans woman living in Kentucky! I want to welcome everyone to my blog. Please enjoy yourself and feel free to respond to my posts and have a conversation. I am open to any topic ideas as well. So once again, welcome.
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