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  1. JetBoyxxxJetGirl added a post in a topic: Your first experience dressed in public?   

    My first real outing in public...oh my god,I got all dolled upped (?) and drove to the local mall. I accidentally/nervousely threw my car into park on my way there. There was a loud screech of the tires and I was afraid that I would be stranded there in drag,but my car started back up. I parked at mervyns and gathered my courage to get out of my car. as I was exiting my car this woman was leaving mervyns and looked at me and smiled. I walked around the outside of mervyns and the women that were standing in line iside of mervyns looked at me,but didn't act like anything was wrong lol...I turned around to walk back to my car to leave and around the corner I bumped into these two young girls that spotted me and they said that that woman didn't know how to walk in high heels and laughed...I quikly made my way back to my car.
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  2. JetBoyxxxJetGirl added a post in a topic: Girls VS. Boys   


    I Finally get a username and I'm ready to post,so I turn on my radio and benny and the JETS is playing. okay,anyway,lol.

    My question is:

    When female hormones are introduced into the male body,what do the male hormones do? Do they pull out little swords and try to fight? Do they just give in or is it a constant battle until they are eventually overwhelmed or what?
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