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  1. Bailey72


    Ok ladies, the Etsy shop listings are up! Earrings and anklets are listed. http://www.etsy.com/shop/wolfcreekleatherwork (no longer exists) Let me know what you think of my offerings.
  2. Bailey72


    Calista, I've finished about a dozen more earrings and a couple more anklets. I'm going to put them up on Etsy later today and I'll link the Etsy store front for everyone to see what I've created and to order anything they decide that would like. I'm doing all the jewelry made to order so I can make it to fit each lady that orders something, and the earrings are standard wire hook or clip on based on your preferences. I'm my own worst critic, so I see the little flaws in all my work, but my wife says my work is amazing and I'm already getting requests from the women in her office that see what new design she wears in each day. I'm hoping this really finds the TG and plus size ladies loving what I do. As a transwoman myself I take a lot of pride in creating something for women like me, made with love and my best efforts to address the shortcomings of the mainstream marketplace. Thank you to everyone that replied and gave input on everything. You gals (and guys) are my best support and I love each and every one of you for that.
  3. Bailey72


    I worked on some earrings tonight. All of these designs can be created in either standard wire hook or clip on. Tell me what you all think!
  4. Bailey72


    I did another version of the pearl anklet. I did it in all black beads this time, I also did matching black and silver pearl earrings if I can get the wife to give them up long enough to photograph. The wife agreed (hesitantly) to model this one for me. She says I have prettier legs and ankles but I wanted to spread the love. Let me know what you all think of this version. Again, all my stuff is made with inexpensive glass or plastic beads and nylon coated stainless steel wire for strength and long term durability. I of course can do the same jewelry with more expensive beads and stones if you prefer. I'm planning on posting all my stuff on Etsy in the next few days to start offering them up for sale. Your input and opinions are greatly appreciated.
  5. Bailey72


    TY Michael, that's the whole point of this creative exercise. I'm focusing on the needs of the TG community and larger than average women. Just because you were blessed with wrists or anklet that are a little thicker, you shouldn't have to struggle to find attractive, delicate women's jewelry.
  6. Bailey72


    I've finished a couple of anklets. Here are some images. You can click on the thumbnail to see a full sized image. I used inexpensive glass beads, nylon coated stainless steel wire (so it won't turn and it's very strong) and they are both longer to accommodate transwomen or plus sized women. I can make either in a variety of colors and any length needed. If you girls think these are something TG's would be interested in I will find a way to post them for sale somewhere. Maybe Etsy. Ideas, opinions please? I modeled them myself and my daughter took the pictures.
  7. Bailey72


    TY for your input Bonnie. I am working on some designs for daily wear. Just as you suggested, I am focusing on daily wear, but really trying hard to keep the designs delicate and beautiful. I should have some pics up in a couple of weeks. I'll most likely create a facebook page for the jewelry so TG's all over the world can see and shop my offerings. My primary materials right now are stainless steel jewelry wire (since it's doesn't tarnish or react with the skin), sterling silver spacers, link and components and swarovski crystals as well as natural stones like lapis lazuli, tiger's eye and turquoise. There are about a zillion choices for simple charms that can be added to the pieces, so as far as that is concerned, the possibilities are endless. I can make things with other natural stones and with gold elements but gold and some of the more rare or precious stones are a lot more expensive, so with affordability in mind, right now I am not making anything gold or more costly stones. (There are less expensive gold elements, but they are pretty low quality and I really want to make items that the transwoman will wear for a lifetime and pass on to their children or grandchildren.) There are some really nice synthetic stones that look like the natural stones that look very real and are quite affordable, so ladies wanting a certain stone look but are willing to use synthetic stones will still have those as an option in the design of their custom jewelry. I'm also trying to figure out what measurements will work best for most ladies. I know from experience that off the shelf jewelry is usually much too short, but with transwomen having beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes, finding a good median size to offer premade items is somewhat of a challenge, but I'm good at solving problems, so I'l figure it out. If some of our members would offer their measurements (wrist, ankle, comfortable neck length chain size) I could craft items that would fit most transwomen and still offer custom sizes for ladies needing something a little larger or smaller.
  8. Bailey72


    Accessorize that outfit! I am a transgirl in the very beginning of my transition, and I've been shopping a lot lately. I'm disappointed in the small selection and poor quality of the things I can find, so I've decided to do something about it. In my old life, I used to make custom leather products for fun, well, I still make things for fun, I also made custom jewelry. I wanted to know if others were having as hard a time finding quality jewelry that doesn't scream drag queen, but is delicate, femme and in larger sized proportionality to the MtF trans person? I wanted a simple anklet, but everything is 9 to 9 1/2 inches (too small by an inch or two), so I've decided to put my talents to the test and make my own. So I have a few questions for you all. 1. Would you buy custom made jewelry if it was delicate, feminine and made slightly longer to fit your wrists, necks, ankles? 2. Would you feel better knowing your purchases were helping support the transition of another trans person? (Not sure if I should disclose that the things I am making are for the TG made by a TG or just let the items speak for themselves.) 3. What would be a comfortable price to pay for custom made items. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets? (Trying to compile a list of materials that would suit the needs of my community and still make beautiful jewelry.) 4. With such varying tastes, is there such a thing as "too girly" for a transwoman? I am trying to come up with 15 to 20 designs that are classy, delicate, very feminine and made of high quality materials but sticking to an affordable price point. I'm not looking to get rich making things, I just want to fill what I see as a void in our community. If I can make a little extra money to go towards my own path in the process than I'm ok with that as well. Thanks in advance for your ideas and feedback! I'll post pictures of my work in a couple weeks after I have finalized the designs and made a few new items so everyone can see what I'm doing with the feedback I get from my peers. XOXOXO, Bailey