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    Civilisation is a beautiful creation of man kind. It has given us culture bigger than the world we see and it has educated us and made us a refine and sophisticated individuals. Civilisation has also educated us and has become an authority that had given us a clear code of what is good and what is right. Unfortunately, most of the things that do not conform to how the acceptable majority are considered to be bad. To be different in our civilised society is a very challenging existence. Everyday, we encounter events where we are stigmatised and marginalised even humiliated. I have noticed however based on my first hand experiences that those guys who bully me or those who are very outspoken on their hate both verbally and physically are those guys who actually who finds people like us desirable. Hate and love are almost in one sphere. We cannot hate so intensely a person we do not love and vice versa. How true is it that the more they hate us, the more they desire us? Why do they show remorse towards ladyboys, while we are just minding our own business? And if it is true that what they actually feel for us is more a desire than hate, why show us hate then? Are they afraid to admit the fact that they find us attractive and would love to be intimate with us? Are they afraid to be stigmatised by the society when they have an association with us? Does civilisation had deprived us to be truly true to ourselves, our feelings and our community? Allow me to invite you to visit my blog entry as I try to deal with this very difficult questions of our existence vis-a-vis the society we live in. Please click this link: http://ladyboymirror.com/?p=248 for the article on my blog at LADYBOY MIRROR.
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    Transgender Bloggers Wanted: Share Your Journey

    I am an avid fan of your blog sister
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    From: Introducing myself

    I would like to invite you to read this blog entry I found today here at Transgender Blogs. I a very profound and yet concise way, the author has been able to demonstrate the complexity of transgenderism, identities and sexual orientation. Life is nto black and white. Source:
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    Finally, I have been able to take the first huge step. No matter how easy or difficult a certain task is, taking the first step is the most difficult part. Somehow, I always find it difficult to begin the plan I have made. In the past, I have had wonderful plance, but the first action to realise the plan has been very challenging. Just like the first step of participating actively here at Transgender Guide. I have encountered the TRANSGENDER GUIDE already for almost two years. As I checked the site, I was already impressed with its objective and vision. I thought, finally, somebody had the initiative to build a (virtual) community where our image is portrayed to be totally different than stereotypes in society today. This is very few of the sites today that ladyboys are not portrayed in a sexual way. Today, I have taken few steps to participate actively in this community. It took me almost two years. Every time i see the twits of TTG, i thought, ahh.. tomorrow I will improve my profile and contents there. It took me two years of delaying. Today, no excuse. Here is my first blog entry. You will also find that I have posted my first Photo Album. I have updated my profile. I hope, soon enough, that I will have new friends, new comments, and most of all, I am hoping that through this platform, I will find belongingness. I pray that I might find a place where I will not feel, I am different.