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    Guess how to change a male body shape to Female one

    sorry if dbl post i think it didnt post the first time Wha wha WHAATT ??!!! that is insanity (and im being kind) at its highest. Really the cost it will be to save the life of somebody who went all Lorane Bobbit on themselves with super glue, tape or bands will far exceed that of a plain trip and a weeks stay in a Thailand hospital. OMG this is a really bad suggestion. Now this is ONLY MY OPINION but to any of the site moderators: Understanding the need for guidance and joy of helping others. I tend to believe that there are many, if not most younger members, who are easily influenced. In their eagerness to want it all very fast by yesterday can become very suggestive. So I ask of the moderators ... Would i be wrong in suggesting that this ill advised site link might reflect badly on the idea and spirit of "real support and friendship" as promised by this community? A second to think on it... Lets say that only 1 of the many eager and very impressionable girls here had severely harmed themselves because they followed a tgguide.com link suggestion. Then I would say yes. Something of this nature or public opinion could harm us all. In further retrospect... Could it not also be said that an injury like that could even hurt the global community and cause further harm to all transgender in the LGB-t where already us as part of the "t" are barley accepted now? I say Yes it could. AGAIN this is ONLY MY OPINION Maybe im just tired or my expectations levels placed to high for this site. But for now I am going to stay quiet and look further into the sites eco system. As well I will stand back as a non member. I wish to think through this and judge for myself. I am sorry ladies and i know its sort of petty on my end, but this for some reason hit that one cord with me. Love and respect Madison Rae