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  1. For me brighter, the better. I really like the flourescents. I think they are now called neon? One of my last outings was in a national park wearing camo skirt, white tights, and a bright orange hoodie. Bright, but not really out of place for the area.
  2. Well, Im still exercising and watching diet. My weight has not changed much in the last few months, but body size is getting smaller. Muscle weighs more than fat? I did get into a gym that had a great membereship drive and upped my weightlifting regime, especially the lower (legs). I think I am at a standstill, body not knowing what to do. I am loosing fat, gaining muscle (really getting stronger but not much hypertrophy of muscle) despite diet. Maybe this is a good point to be at. Once I get to the desired weight (or size) then perhaps I concentrate on the leg bulking. I must be doing something right. Even a mediocre program done regularly is much better than a great program done irregularly. I am not new to fitness. I extensively weightlifted in my late teenage years. I, for some reason just could not put on muscle like my younger brother, my cousins and others eventhough I put in alot of effort. We all most likely overtrained. I do not think someone could walk too much if they had the time, which just lead me to a new post.
  3. I just want to share a funny but perhaps somewhat serious experience. At work last week (nursing home) the "state" was there. A state official inspection, in other words. Anyway I was setting waiting for restorative dining filing my fingernails.Most of my life I have bitten them, but after taking a nurse aide position I pretty much quit, but the are real brittle and break off easily so I try to keep them filed before they do so. I was told by a female coworker (all my coworkers are females) to stop acting like a girl (reference filing my fingernails like a girl) and that I needed to go make sure the others had the books signed and that they were up to date in case an inspector looked at them, what our supervisor requested for me to do. I am wondering if they are more and more noticing things. Have any others been outed or suspicioned because of thier innocent behaviours? I think they may have noticed other things also. Amanda
  4. Thank you...any reply greatly appreciated! I think these coworkers have absolutely no idea of anything per my outwards appearance of 110% male at work. We have roughly 200 employees and I just counted only ten men in the group. As I remember correctly the woman was relaying the supervisors message to me and if this particular woman had any idea of my gender identity, then I am sure she would not have said anyting like that. She is the one I connect the most with at work. My basic post was if anyone was sort of outed after a time because of behaviors, not necessarily looks. Even yesterday another innocently asked how long have I been painting my nails. I said ever since I quit biting them and since they seem to break easily and split apart in layers, that I am trying the Hard as Nails to see if it helps. A few other women said that they had the same problem. It just seems like more and more things are being noticed. I will be graduating RN school in Dec 2014 and I plan on leaving there for better opportunities, so I will probably slide through until then. I do however plan on going in at the new place more or less out, in many aspects. Amanda
  5. I would say do not say anything. Vast majority of people will not notice anyway. My excuse would be that since I lost most lower leg hair from wearing boots, they look better shaved.
  6. I also started exercising about 6 months ago. I was not too pleased after a dr's visit. Stated I was getting closer to being diabetic and from another doctor I am greatly at risk for cardiovascular problems. I thought getting in shape might help at least hold these off. Anyway I took up walking as the primary thing to do. I set a very small reasonable goal of walking 3 hrs a week. I am a full time RN nursing student, still work at least 30 hrs/ week to maintain health insurance and have a few cows left I have to take care of,additionally the college where I attend is an hour away, one way. My best time is after classes in the afternoon. Until the semester break I was walking at least 12 hours a week, many of them enfemme. I did purchase a mountain bicycle but it is much more difficult to do that. I am down 30 lbs so far. I have watched what I eat too. I am sort of doing a loose versionof the South Beach diet...good carbs vs bad carbs. It really wotrks for me. I then took up working on the waist down. I do lots of squats and do the ablounger at least every day. I do need to do the squats with weights though. I have worn 5 lb leg wts and walked at work, but I need to do a bit more reseach on that since I heard they may not be the best thing to do. I do use them for leg exercise resistance but I am not sure what the exercises are called. I can see a some result of leg bulking/forming so I am going to continue that route. I think the key is setting a goal/program that is not too intimidating at first and build from there.
  7. I cannot quite understand why a pre-Op would hesitate to go out. I thought living (being) as a girl/woman fulltime (including everything) for at least a year was a mandatory before the final ops. Do we not need to practice what we will be? I do know each has thier own comfort zones or levels to eventually work though. I think the best way is to just go out in plain daylight and enjoy being "you" and most likely the world will go on! I am always in a skirt and I have never nor plan on ever going out in pants. I think the vast majority of people see wig, breasts, skirt and immediately think woman and dismiss all else. I do not think I pass very well but I have never had any problems and hardly any double takes so far, so I must at least blend in rather well while amongst the public. If they "spot" us, they probably really will not care anyway. Amanda
  8. I just want to share a good exerpience today! I was worried that my plans would not go well, mainly the skirt, the tucking part and the bicycle helmet over the wig. This semester after college I took up walking to help loose some weight. I am an older nursing student. I am down 30 lbs so far. I recently have bought a brand new cheap mountain bicycle at Goodwill (it might even be a womens?) to further enhance my exercise. I took it out today to a national park and rode the bike trails about an hour. I wore my favourite camo "just above knee" skirt w/ green tights, white long sleeved Tshirt with a short sleeved neon green one on top, wig, etc. and a pair of womens exercise shorts underneath, just in case the skirt rode up too high. I had a blast! It went better than I anticipated; I must be in better shape than I thought from all this walking. The skirt stayed where it was supposed to, maybe rode up higher just a few inches. The seat pushed up the backside of it, therefore no exposure! (I think) I was also tucked but nothing touched the seat and the ride was very comfortable.The only person I seen on the trail was a park ranger on a bicycle who just yelled excuse me as he went around me. I cannot hardly wait to go biking again. I will probably go out on the city streets/neighbourhoods too. As for bicycling in a skirt, I say do not worry much about it, just try it!...you might like it! Amanda
  9. AmandaQ

    How to cover the beard

    While on vacation in Asia a few years ago I discovered something by accident. We were staying at a place and there was not any shaving cream to be bought anywhere in the town. For 3 weeks I used hair conditioner to shave with. Later I learned that it is supposedly one of the best things to use to shave. I do notice alot less of skin breakout using it. Amanda
  10. AmandaQ

    Going Public in the Daylight

    Same here, started at the mall, then went to the Dollar General type stores. Everyone including the teens seem not to notice or anything, its the 40ish (my age) women that seem to look just a bit longer than others. Well a few men do too but I think it is just the man thing to look at women. I never heard any comment yet.
  11. AmandaQ

    We're Not Mad or Sick

    You could not have said it better...I will probably never figure this one out either...
  12. Has anyone tried an androgenous wig? I mean a wig that could be used in guy or girl mode maybe with just a little bit of restyling between modes. Just an idea...I am hair impaired too.
  13. I think you would really stick out using the mens! Just use womens, get it done and then get out. But I am not sure what the "law" is on this. I have only done it in Indiana & Kentucky.
  14. Just dress age/weather appropriate and go!!!!
  15. I walk alone alot in city/county parks, including a large federal park with lots of secluded trails. I try to stay off those enfemme and keep close to the trails near the visitors center and the park rangers. I thought about one of those mini airhorns, the ones small enough to keep in a jacket pocket.
  16. I have not yet experienced anything negative in the 6 months I have really been going out lots and lots. Not ever yet had even a chuckle. I go out an hour away primarily in central Ky where I go to college. I am from So indiana though. I was told that that area is not CD/TS friendly...but...I do not feel that I pass very well...but...I hardly ever get a double take (other than a few men checking the woman out), all cashiers simply took my money and asked if I wanted a receipt, I walk alot in city/county/national parks and the people just say "hi" in passing. walking the mall/Walmart type stores seems the easiest. I do not go out hardly at all after dark though. I have thought twice about doing a few things or going a few places...its like "would a woman do really do this"? Are alot of people more accepting nowadays (vs 20 + yr ago) or do they not care or are they just too busy too pay much attention? I assumed these little burgs (towns 200-500 people) I frequent would be somewhat more less tolerant than larger places but I have found that not to be the case. I am preparing for that negative experience that is bound to happen sooner or later. Any one else have thoughts on this? amanda
  17. AmandaQ

    Running away from the fuzz!

    "so I realized that to have any level of inner happiness I would have to be true to myself and admit that I am a trans* woman. Whenever I say that I feel so happy, and also a little sad that I didn't come out years ago." Wow! That sounds so familiar...my advice to others is if you are young do it now! But anyway, how is the defuzzing going? Amanda
  18. I lived in a few "foreign" countries including Asia. I have come to the conclusion that people are pretty much the same where ever you go. We have the same issues in varying degrees, will I get a good job (or any job for that fact), like enough money to pay the bills, will our kids grow up and be sucessfull, etc.? Then we seem to do things somewhat similar...including CD/TS. I do not think Westerners are thought of as crazy...its probably like, "hey, they do this over here too"! I have not been to the Middle East though.
  19. I think the way I dress has alot to do with it, I am sort of Tomboyish, but usually with a knee high denim skirt and just enough makeup to cover those black beard spots (shaved hair). This area is real common to see a girl in a dress or skirt, camo jacket and boots, but I almost always wear tennis shoes. Now I usually go out in a long sleeved white Thirt, denim skirt, white tights and tennis shoes, sometimes wear the camo or bright orange hunter jacket. Type of people has not seemed to make any difference, age, gender, race, etc. I have walked by groups of high schoolers, checked out with teen girl cashiers, old lady cashiers, men cashiers, you name it, and today I walked past quite a few times the same Asian family (pretty sure they were korean, husband, wife, 3-4 young children) at a national park. It does seem like the 40ish women (my age) look a tad bit longer than others, but I have never seen anyone turn around to take another look. I used to have a small mirror and look like i am checking myself out but really reflecting back behind me , but I gave that up long time ago. Aside from that, I do think that the way one acts goes almost as far as the way one looks...most times. Cuando fueres, haz lo que vieres (when in rome do as romans do)...so when out as a woman, do as women do!...and i think we will be just fine... :)
  20. Wow! Thats a hard one...sometimes the people you think would be okay with it are not and viceversa... :)
  21. I am not out to my wife despite multiple attempts. If it were not for that I am ready to go 24/7 other than work and school. For me it is very compulsive and if I get only a short time (1 -2 hrs considered short for me) I go for it. Today I was out amongst people noon til 4PM and no one paid any attention to me.I passed closely by several groups of children and teachers on a field trip and only got the usual person going by looks from kids and teachers alike.I was at a park in my walking attire, denim knee high skirt and camo jacket.Every minute out is so worth it. :)
  22. This is not my first time out, but it is in a restaurant. I went to a Mexican restaurant today. As going out in public in the wig and skirt, etc., I probably am way more confident than I should be. I like to eat late by mosts' standards, no earlier than 2PM, 3PM the better. I went in and there were only a few costomers, I was seated and the waiter took my drink order. He brought it and a menu and then when he went up to the counter to wait with two others, then did they check me out for a few seconds. After that no one paid no attention to me. The waiter did periodically come back as usual and we chatted in our native Spanish of course several times. He asked the usual stuff, where I am from, live, jobs ,etc. Upon leaving he insisted the bill was on the house and i was invited back anytime, so I said okay but slipped him a large tip. I hate not paying my way, but if I would have, it would have been considered disrespectful per the offer. This was the first time I spoke in public more than only a very few words. It was not bad at all and I am glad I picked a setting I am very comfortable and familiar with eventhough most Mex food I do not like. This getting out is really getting addictive for me!