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  1. Hello and Welcom Lillian , sorry I dont get to get on much , thanks for the friend add. hugs

  2. lillian

    Running away from the fuzz!

    awww that was so cute!! you go brave girl!!
  3. I wish i could say that i dont think about killing myself alot but i try to at least hold on to what little hope that doesnt slip thru my fingers everyday.Its not the comments or the stares in public its the abandonment and isolation that came from my transition.
  4. its been a bad year but i hope with all my little broken heart that things bet better..

    1. Susane


      We are all here to help, dear!

    2. PlagueBubonic


      We all have up's and down's Hon but the main thing I found that works is Hold on hang in and the ride will smoothen out. love ya

      Peace Out

    3. MsBeth


      Some days we just have to keep moving forward ... time does heal. Welcome to TGG