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  1. daladymya added a blog entry in Mya Lynn's Blog   

    quick run down
    a lot of things have been going on I have finally gotten to the end of the trial what's my former lover at shop at 12 times I'm involved with another man I'm bettering myself and no longer living as a victim I'm beginning to live more as a survivor I pray everyday and throughout the day that God lead guides and protects me
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  2. daladymya added a blog entry in Mya Lynn's Blog   

    seeing him
    Tuesday my trail started with my ex that shot me... I saw him n felt mixed emotions.I hate him for what he did to me but on the other hand part of me will always love him. I have something from him no one else has part of his name... I just wanted to cry n i couldn't stand to look at him or even b n da same room with him... what's wrong with me y can't i get rid of tose feelings?
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  3. daladymya added a blog entry in Mya Lynn's Blog   

    lissten to this
    Ok today was a pretty gud day I've always looked feminine and all but today with the way im wearing my hair down thats it a lil longer everyone said that i looked a lot more like a lady. I had earings in n my makeup done...
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  4. daladymya added a blog entry in Mya Lynn's Blog   

    family n tell them im gay n transgender
    It was very hard for me to tell my family that im transgender n gay. Cause they have always spoken badly n negatively about gays. Well oneday i just could not take the lying to them any longer so i came out. Pink as always been my favorite color so i was dressed n all pink n i walked in the den where my family was sittin n talk and i said u know what im gay and transgender. Then i walked out the room n went out for a lil. When i got home thats when they were ready to talk so they had many questions n i answered all of them so they would understand me and my lifestyle... That was over 14 years ago and now they understand and if they have any questions they know they can come to me...
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  5. daladymya added a comment on a blog entry: a crime done by my parnter to   

    I know i should have left him bht i was just so scared to n thanks ill do my best at stayin safe...
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  6. daladymya added a blog entry in Mya Lynn's Blog   

    today so far
    tod ay is a day that the Lord has made and I will make the best of it and pray for everyone i come in contact with that they are best and helped with whatever issues they may have...
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  7. daladymya added a blog entry in Mya Lynn's Blog   

    fearing things u dont understand
    I've noticed lately that people but really men fear n hate u n on u when they find out what u really r. This is for the people out there like that guess what we r all God's children n he loves us u dont have to accept us but u need not try to hurt us or make it hard for us... Thanks mya lynn
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  8. daladymya added a blog entry in Mya Lynn's Blog   

    Y is it that everyday it never feels some guy thinks that since im transgender they can treat me as a hoe or slut
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  9. daladymya added a blog entry in Mya Lynn's Blog   

    a crime done by my parnter to
    This past Friday April 13 2012 my parnter of 4 long hard years shot me 12 times in Virginia. He had become very abusive and i wanted to brake up with him but he said he would rather kill me before he lets me go b with sumone else... He was straight until we started dating n have a relationship then people found out he was dating a transgender and they started callin him gay n other things...
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